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Friday, November 4, 2011

175 - riding a tsumani

Dear Reader,

Thank you to all you well wishers. It's been a very pleasant sojourn with my insomnia - for once. It seems that these small efforts of ours are possibly adding to the those rising tides of knowledge.

I've said this before. Bear with me. I think we can be forgiven everything if we had not also simply based our insights on something that our boffins have overlooked. But there it is. It's all very simple. And yet it's not simple at all. Science has rather depended on increasing the complexities of its mathematical structures to move to the weighty abstractions of our string theorists. But when the final analysis is simply shown to depend on an understanding of charge - plus, minus and neutral - then math itself rather falls by the way and is replaced with the digital structures that your average preschool toddler could manage to count on one hand. Mildly amusing but nonetheless rather sad. It puts paid to intellectual pretension - and it should elevate the understanding of physics - particle physics - that we, the lay public, the non expert, can entirely understand.

This is important. I'll see if I can explain it. Knowledge - historically, has been the exclusive property of the expert. And the expert - by definition - is the minority. That resulted in a kind of relationship where we not only followed our leaders but allowed them the exclusive rights to comment. It is thanks to the laudable skills of those few excellent physicists - the Gary Zukov's et al - who worked to take this knowledge to the public through interpretations of physics into their understandable and conceptual forms of layman's literature - that the public were ever given the opportunity to engage. And that engagement - of necessity - broadened the dialogue - exponentially. Essentially it means that insights are not the exclusive property of the expert. Indeed - they are well within the intellectual grasp of us mere mortals. And unlike the expert - we have no axe to grind - no pet theory to advance. We simply want to reconcile all those muddles that standard physics promotes.

It is increasingly comforting to know that those simple concepts that we've included in our second paper - are, indeed, both understandable and unarguable. That's a good basis for a conversation. The question now is whether our boffins will actually even talk to us.


Kindest regards,