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Monday, November 7, 2011

179 - 'the headwinds are ferocious'

Dear Reader,

I've taken the liberty of copying some correspondence which has the real merit of giving an over-view and update both. I've edited out names as I do not wish to compromise anyone.

Kindest regards,

Dear ****

if you ever intended reading everything on this subject you'd be at it for a month. The whole thing is perfectly summarised by Professor **** who said 'the headwinds are ferocious'. That's it. In a nutshell. And I'm actually not that strong. If I'm committed to the cause, so to speak, it's because I've seen the full picture. And it takes the breath away. It needs sharing.

You're right about the need for sophisticated oscilloscopes to show up that waveform and to give the measurements. I'm reasonably sure that this is one of the reasons that this has stayed hidden for so long. Your standard oscilloscopes don't operate at fast enough speeds. I think I mentioned something about this in the first part of that two part paper. Professor ***** at Boston - knows of my paper. He has already advised me that I've got a wrong equation. I've written P = vi dt - when it's watts - vi dt. But that's in the light of a typo as I've given it correctly else-where in that paper. So. It's not serious. He has never written back to me. But there are other Professors who are aware of this work at Harvard and at Cavendish. And they're intrigued - I think. I suspect that ***** himself is also. We'll see. But he won't come out in support of these findings. No-one will. Not until it's published. Otherwise their good names will be associated with 'eccentric philosophies' - which is not a good thing.

One day I'll write a book on the 'interventions' of our trolls. There are those among them that are frighteningly well able to manipulate people and opinion. They leave Goebbels far behind - a mere preschooler by comparison. It's an art that is alive and well and growing at pace.

I'm not into getting financial rewards - or indeed any reward - from this work. That - happily - immunizes me against their best efforts. But I'm sorry for their efficacy against the work itself. That's inexcusable. But truth has a way of getting heard. Sooner or later. And I rather depend on that fact. And on the unwavering support of my wonderful family and my courageous collaborators. You see this, I trust. I'm very blessed. Just not that popular. lol

Golly. This email correspondence is getting very long. I've re-read some of it and see that I've already breached my solemn promise not to keep bothering you.
I blame you entirely. It's not often that I can indulge in a correspondence with someone so capable of seeing the big picture. You're a rare find. I've told you this already.

Again. As ALWAYS. Take very good care of yourself.
Kindest and best regards,