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Thursday, November 10, 2011

182 - the soft underbelly of the forum and, indeed, of google

Dear Reader

With all that good news I challenged my own best efforts and managed to get a new thread started on I'll give a link hereunder.

Of interest is that - in no time at all - I was visited by a certain 'evolving ape' as he calls himself. Trolls come in many shapes and sizes. There are those who motivated by stupidity, those by jealousy and those by greed. And there are those who are kept in some considerable comfort by 'billing' our energy suppliers against the 'word count' of their posts - and, presumably, on their effectiveness. lol Some fall into all those categories. And all have varying levels of effectiveness. The point is that they confer. I see it in my minds eye as a kind of witches coven - where these self-serving entities live in the dark corners of the world. They contact each other and 'whisper'. Golly. A coven that has no fixed abode - no identifiable address and no accountable personalities. Which brings me back to evolving ape.

Clearly, as his name suggests, he's still at the 'brute' stage of evolution. A genetic 'throw back'. Low of brow - strong of tooth - long in the arms - short in the leg. But. He also has that primitive awareness of accountability. Loosely this means that he knows he could be made responsible for his comments. Therefore he follows the good example of all trolls and takes the precaution of hiding behind an avatar - an internet personality. And that's the point. They all do.

The only time that anyone can be taken with any degree of seriousness is when they are also able to put their names, addresses and full identities behind their statements. Else, dear trolls - to all of you - your statements are entirely discounted and simply read for their amusement value. Which is a good thing. Would that there was more wit and less ham fisted efforts at it.

And that is the soft underbelly of both Google and our forums. When the traducers are prepared to own up to their true indenties - then only will their comments carry any vestige of credibility. And this is where we are all likely to win this argument in the long run. The troll has no credibility until he's prepared to own up to his real identity.

So. Onwards and upwards. We're getting all that free publicity - from a handful of rather discredited and discreditable personalities. They are too ashamed of their statements to own them.

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Kindest as ever,