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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

188 - another attempt at alerting the public despite a media embargo

Dear Reader,

This is another variation on the previous which letter to the editor was simply ignored. lol. Can't think why. Perhaps this will fare better.

Kindest regards

Dear Sir,

The following links to cold fusion technology that is available for sale to the public. It is a tried and tested method of generating energy with results that have been independently verified by S Focardi, V Gabbani, V Montalbano, F Piantelli and S Verones of the universities of Bologna and Siena, respectively in a collaborative published paper. The unit itself is capable of delivering megawatts of energy at the cost of a few grams of nickel and hydrogen.

The difficulties associated with this technology is that there is no explanation within the standard model to explain the extraordinary levels of efficiency at which this technology operates. Efficiencies compete with nuclear energy. Yet there is no attendant radioactive waste. This makes for a clean and highly desirable technology and it will, inevitably, put paid to any need for grid supplies. This, in turn, will obviate any need for Eskom’s proposed nuclear expansion program.

The point is that this technology is now available for sale in units that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Therefore our heavy industrial users can opt to move off Eskom’s supply grid supply – in short order and as they require and at a cost that is estimated to repay the capital within a year's use. My question is why then are Eskom forging ahead with their nuclear expansion programs when the evidence is that, as of now, this rather toxic technology is already outmoded? It will simply gridlock us into the use of a technology that is antiquated even before it’s installed. Surely we deserve to have our futures better planned by our Energy Department? And surely we can make better use of our tax revenues?

What is alarming is that our editors are resolved NOT to report on this discovery, which, in truth, is in the light of a revolutionary discovery. That fact is puzzling – the more so as this technology will entirely resolve the global problems of the atrocious pollution resulting from all conventional means of distributing energy. One would assume that all news would be objectively reported – regardless of its appeal to Eskom.

Rosemary Ainslie