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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

190 - an argument that cold fusion may be proof of dark energy

Dear Reader,

Every 10th post or so is the 'flag' I set to give an overview of this technology of ours. And I see that I've now got to that 10th post. Golly. Time flies.

There is a reason that I plug this cold fusion technology. It's widely considered to be a pathological science - which only means that there's no explanation for these experimental results within the standard model. This, in turn, is in line with our own experimental evidence. Our scientists have to explain how it is that more energy can be generated than is evident in the 'fuel' required to generate it. As regards cold fusion - they've breached a barrier that we have not yet reached. They're able to generate megawatts - where we cannot. Certainly not yet. We can barely dissipate 200 watts.

BUT - here's the thing. We also know that our own technology is based on a small variation to Standard Model. In effect we have proposed that magnetic fields are structured along Faraday's Lines of Force (standard model) but that they comprise tachyons (theorised particles that exceed light speed). These, in turn, are proposed to be magnetic dipoles which would be an entire explanation for the magnetic field structure as it interacts with all matter and, as proposed, all particles. Think of it like the weft and woof of material that holds the visible tapestry of life that we see. It's the background structure that supports everything.

However, regardless of the structure of that field - which is the subject of the field model related to this, our own experimental evidence is, in fact, the 'unfolding' evidence of 'dark matter'. This is the entire theme of this blog. And we have presumed to localise this dark matter in three dimensions of length, breadth and depth. Our own, and I suspect, cold fusion, rely on the operation of that first dimension. This is a 'simple' field - a single 'necklace' of dipoles that structures in fields of precisely 6 and any numbers divisible by six. It is proposed that, as this is relates to that 'discrete package', it is a loop - a simple circular structure - a golden ring. And it's one dimensional. In precisely any combination of 6 dipoles to a package - these 'rings' are self supporting. And they are responsible for binding matter. They're invisible. BUT. Break that string through the electromagnetic interaction or even through the simple means of applying friction to material - and the string becomes visible as 'sparks' that can then become flame. In other words, provided that the obit of that ring is broken into one or more lines or strings - then the particles lose their 'field structure'. they no longer orbit at twice the speed of light - but become slow and HOT. That's the point. In this hot chaotic state they are able to transfer into our visible dimensions. They transfer their material property of heat. And they are that slow and that localised that light can find it and show it up for what it is.

And here's the thing. It is NOT in the atom. It is not even part of the atom. It is outside the atom and it binds those atoms together. And the proposal is that we are using these broken strings to reach the efficiencies that are evident in our own experiments. In the same way it's proposed that cold fusion is another, chemical - or glavanic way of transferring this same energy - those same fields. Bear in mind that the evidence, according to the the experiments by Rossi and by those academics who replicated Rossi's tests, the core nickle needs must first be made HOT to enable that sustained interaction. And also bear in mind that, thus far, there is no evidence from them that there is any radioactive waste at all that is dispersed and lost to the environment. Which means that it is unlikely to be a nuclear reaction.

Which - hopefully - explains why I am plugging the use of and the scientific justification for cold fusion. Quite apart from which, dear Reader, it's a MOST desirable technology. We need to explore any such evidence. It gives the real promise of an abundant energy supply source that is absolutely green and clean.

Kindest regards,

click here and scroll down to the appendix. It may describe all this better than I've managed here