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Monday, November 21, 2011

196 - for the record

Dear Reader,

I know that many of you read here on a daily basis. I see the hit stats. Which also makes me feel guilty when I simply put things here that simply repeat what I've already said. But the truth is that one day I want to try and construct a book from this blog - so I 'keep record'. For those who want to 'skip' the 'records' I think, in future I'll just use that title. So if you see it - then just skip the reading. Perhaps that'll be less irritating? I do hope so. And I apologise for the repetitive nature of all this.

The following is - yet again - 'for the record'.

Hello *****,

It is interesting. Indeed. Many thanks for this.

But that unification number - it's already there. I think our own experimental evidence sort of proves that its in the magnetic field. Which only means that all this has already been discovered by our astrophysicists. The bottom line is this. The electromagnetic force was 'lumped' into one force. But magnets can interact with other magnets without any measurable electric field AT ALL. Which therefore indicates that the magnetic force must have come first - a PRIMARY and independent force. If one accepts that - and then assumes that the field comprises magnetic or dipolar particles - then the 'fields' follow on perfectly - in line with Faraday's Lines of Force. Again. Nothing new. Except that those pesky Thermodynamic Laws will need revision. Because with the advent of Dark Energy comes the advent of Free energy. That's the problem. It's all over the place. Ridiculously abundant. It sort of goes to the gullet of some heavily entrenched 'beliefs' in thinking that's been cemented in stone. lol

And the simple fact is that the magnetic field needs some respect and attention. It's also a fact that our academics are going to dance around for a while. Because with it will be a required admission that this was rather overlooked as an independent FORCE. But fortunately our need for clean green is now so critical - that they may indeed make that admission. And as soon as one puts the particle in that magnetic field - then you've found the SOURCE of that dark energy. And, conservatively speaking - that ENERGY IS EVERYWHERE. What's wonderful is that our academics are now confronting each other with the PROOF of this energy abundance. That's going to be a dynamic dialogue. Can't wait to see what happens. I'm entirely satisfied that they'll vindicate Ellis et al for their discovery - EVENTUALLY. Can you believe it that the most of these academics do NOT subscribe to their proof of this? It's extraordinary.

Unfortunately - the simple truth is that no-one has discovered anything at all. All that's happened is that the so called 'standard model' simply needs a small revision. Then it's all there. Very, very simple. Complete vindication for our Quantum, Classical, String and Dark Energy theorists. And with it the liberal access to some really clean energy. What could be better.

Kindest regards, and thanks again,