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Thursday, November 24, 2011

199 - here's hoping our reviewers will 'put foot'

Dear Reader,

here's the letter to our editor.

Kindest regards,

Dear Professor,

It seems that these delays in publishing our paper have allowed the news of Rossi's E-CAT to advance our own news. Not that I mind - one little bit - as it's all grist to the mill.

I wonder if I can impose on you to please read that second part of that 2-part paper. You will see that it argues that so called 'over unity' is the inevitable consequence when one uses 'dark energy' which, we argue is simply 'magnetic energy' from the primary Magnetic Force.

This has the very real merit of reconciling some diverse branches of physics without a required revision to the standard model. I am reasonably satisfied that the argument is well articulated as I have comments on record about this from some very prestigious academics to whom I've shown that paper. I also understand that I've made an error - in the nature of a 'typo' where I reference Power = vi dt where I should have written 'energy'. It's correctly referenced elsewhere in both papers. And that error is correctible. Apart from that I've only had favourable comments - in those few instances where the recipients commented at all.

I wonder if I could impose on you to please advise us of the status of that paper. We have not managed to solicit a response to our earlier request on this.

And, in conclusion, dear Professor ******, I wonder if it would not be as well to at least put those questions out there. We are not being pedantic in our proposed solutions to this. It may initiate the required dialogue amongst those academics that they evaluate this energy as coming from an alternate force to those proposed in the standard model. And it may help to advance Rossi's technology which is so urgently required. Certainly the debate needs initiation and then our learned academics can argue the need for those emissions that are sorely lacking in the LENR technology. If this is, indeed, determined as 'dark energy' which is what we propose - then there is an immediate explanation and the standard model is entirely secured - notwithstanding.

Kindest regards,