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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

207 - also just for the record

Dear Reader,

The following is the official notification to the IEEE to withdraw our paper.

From: Rosemary Ainslie
Date: 05 December 2011 9:34:06 AM
To: *****
Cc: Evan Robinson , DONOVAN Martin , Mario Human , Riaan Theron , Alan Macey
Subject: Re: - Manuscript ID TPWRD-00647-2011

Dear Ms *****,

We have, for some time now, been trying to solicit a response from your offices regarding the review status of our paper. On one occasion I even wrote directly to Professor *****, your editor. Our correspondence has, for some reason gone unanswered.

In as much as the experimental evidence - recorded in that manuscript - represents work that constitutes a profound extension to the standard model, our reasonable expectation was for the expeditious passage of this through review that we could either be published or look for an alternative journal for publication. Self evidently the claims need to be put out there that academics can evaluate the evidence for themselves and across as broad a range of academies and even, disciplines as required and as enabled through the reviewed journal publication process.

In the entire absence of any kind of reply to our communications we are obliged to withdraw that submission to Transactions of **********. Thank you very much for your work here and please extend my gratitude to Professor *****. Happily, an alternate journal has offered to publish these papers for us.

Kindest regards,
Rosemary Ainslie

lol Apologies but have made a belated and much needed editing out of a name. Sorry about that.