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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

212 - there's none so blind

Dear Reader,

I'm miffed. Actually, that's not true. I am angered. Which still, somehow does not do justice to this outrage that I feel.

Please do yourselves a favour. Just imagine that a magnetic field comprises a particle. Impose that on what you know of a magnetic field. Then your own logic will carry our argument to its inevitable conclusion that herein lies the source of all that elusive energy that needs must be accessed.

In over a decade I know only this. A handful of collaborators and another handful of academics have acknowledged, privately, or publicly, the merit in this proposal. Now. I do not give a twopenny damn if that particle is called a zipon or a catastrophon or anything at all. I don't care if anyone comes out of left field who has the required credentials then give that proposal better credibility. I just CARE THAT IT'S PROGRESSED. It is a magnetic dipole that has a field velocity of 2C and out of the field it is identifiable as 'flame'.

It is a VERY unpopular realisation. Because it cannot be made without also owning up to our collective inability over the many, many thousands of years where we have worked with fire - that we have misidentified or misconstrued the properties of this. Something so OBVIOUS. Why then was it missed? I'll tell you why. It's precisely because it IS that obvious. Our theoreticians work with SUBTLE concepts. And the intellectual OUTRAGE of our academics is PRECISELY because the concept can then EASILY BE UNDERSTOOD BY ALL. They will need to forfeit that stranglehold monopoly they've assumed in their authority on matters scientific. IF indeed, this concept will be EASILY AND READILY UNDERSTOOD - then what further need for all that 'mystique' which cloaks precisely that authority that they parade.

Now. Let me tell you about another ATTENDANT danger. When these simple principles are applied to our general knowledge on things scientific - then it will, most assuredly, be progressed OUTSIDE OF OUR ACADEMIES. There is a simple solution here to generating PERPETUAL SPIN - that ultimate 'no no' of perpetual motion. A further simple application would enable anti gravity. If I can already see how this is applied - how much more readily will this be seen by those sharper intellects drawn from our world's population - now measured in the billions. Unlike me, there will be those who have the funds to experiment. All that power and knowledge - so freely dispersed. It's going to cause an unwelcome BALANCE. It is an imbalance or inequity in the general distribution of wealth that our monopolists require to promote their monopolies.

And the solution is based on one little non standard particle that operates in a field condition and transfers its energy when that field condition is disturbed. OF COURSE there is a crying need to close down my threads - to mock my work - to deny our results. But its done at the CERTAIN DELAY to the progress of this knowledge. AND. IF we do not progress this knowledge - and USE THIS FORCE - THEN WE WILL, MOST CERTAINLY - DRIFT INTO A CONFRONTATION WITH NATURE THAT WILL DECIMATE our population and most of the progress that has been managed by our civilizations.

So. It's a kind of ARMAGEDDON - but the war will be with nature itself. And it's neither here not there to say it's my idea - or anyone's at all. The truth is that - like all knowledge - it belongs to us all. I am therefore COMPELLED to progress this, as best I can - within the very real constraints of my poor abilities - until such time as someone manages to do this better. BUT KNOW THIS. It may be called by a different name - but it will always be what it is. A MAGNETIC DIPOLE as the basic structure of a 10 DIMENSIONAL BINARY SYSTEM which, in turn, structures our universe.

Dear God, I pray that there are those who read this and pay attention. This is now getting critical.


here again is the link to that second paper of ours. Please read the appendix. It's all there.

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