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Monday, December 26, 2011

214 - belated greetings

Dear Reader,

I'm up in the sticks - bushveld country. I was going to work from here - but the internet link has been tenuous - and today's the first time I've managed anything. Quite apart from which - I've been busy with my grandchildren. What a pleasure.

Belatedly - merry Christmas everyone. I hope, like me, you all had way too much of everything delicious - and that you recuperate in time for the New Year. I should be back by then. I noticed, with alarm, that our thread has dropped off front page at I hope it's not from want of interest. We've been viewing game, lions, every species of buck. Some wonderful species.

This is my first exposure to the bushveld and I'm blown away at the sheer number of thorn trees. In the small area around his house there are at least a half dozen varieties. Everything surprisingly green - as we're in the rainy season. And WHAT storms. The sky alive with lightning flashes and rolling thunder. It makes our Cape storms rather tame by comparison.

I'll get back on topic soon. Just enjoying this much needed break.

Kindest regards,