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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

219 - the holy grail

Dear Reader,

I've mentioned my interest in ancient aliens which is the result of an excellent documentary series on our dstv History Channel. I've taped them all. It's a fascinating body of work. And the one question that is referenced over and over is the possible periodic annihilation of the most of our species. It's that Armageddon theme of the Bible and variations of this are incorporated into most of our mythologies. Of special interest are the Eastern mythologies that predate our own by some 20 000 years. They have even salvaged artifacts from drowned villages that are 35 000 years old. And, it is further claimed - that these civilizations extend back into history for some 100 000 years. That's way in excess of our anthropological assumptions which are based on the fact that no formal or significant social history predates the Egyptian or, possibly, the Mesopotamian? (not sure) civilizations - assessed at about 5000 years BC - or thereby.

Then there's the extraordinary astrological knowledge of the Mayan's, which - with the best will in the world - can only be attributed to knowledge of the space from a kind of hands on, experiential basis. In other words they must needs first have been out of the confines of our Earth to establish the niceties of our orbit as it relates to our position in our galaxy. And all this is so PERFECTLY rendered in the Mayan calendar - with a miracle of construction that exceeds our own in its accuracy ... being, as it is, based on the exact position of the earth in its orbit around the milky way. So many questions. What struck me the most was the construction of rectangular blocks of granite that weight 1200 tons each - positioned high on the mountains and placed in precise alignment. And then the modest expert comment which stated that - in order to cut that stone today - we would need diamonds. Other blocks would need lasers and complex software programming to guide those lasers. What on earth gives? And HOW could such huge monoliths be transported up small mountain paths to those heady heights - in the first instance? All is very mysterious.

My own question is this. What is it that has propelled us humans to manage such a prolific population? I'm not sure - but what seems a possibility is that our numbers - now measured in the billions - is far in excess of anything managed before now. Either our enjoyment of relatively mild seasons, is responsible. Or finally - our quest for knowledge is on the right path that we're finding the right medical, social and technological solutions to sustain our existence more comfortably and more securely. Certainly, in any event, in such vast numbers.

It's an historical 'first'. But according to that calendar - we are now moving towards 21 - 12 - 2012. That will bring us into the apex - is that the word? of our alignment which somehow exposes us to the black hole at the center of our galaxy. And what is then also at question is this. Does that simply press the 're-set' button in our history. Is there another global wipe out? Do we face a kind of catastrophic natural upheaval that forces us to then 'start again'? Will our children and our children's children look back at the ruined artifacts of the 21st century and then ask ... WHAT? In the same way that we question the significance of the Baghdad Battery? What, in God's name, did we use electric generators for? Or what early requirement were those monolithic steel birds? Did they, their forebears, presume that they could fly? Like birds?

In any event. The questions are as tantalizing as are their answers. But the whole study is frustratingly speculative. We simply do not know. We can only surmise. My own idea is that the most significant discovery that has come out of the 21st Century is the existence of the 'dark force'. In it's final analysis the entire study of physics relates to the periodic table - forged during turn of the last century - and the relationship of those elements to the known forces. And, thus far the forces were grouped into four - being the strong and weak nuclear forces, gravity and the electromagnetic force. That's it. At its foundational basis, we are working with a limited amount of raw material and the visible effects of these materials as they interact with those four forces. Then. From left field - we're told of a NEW force. The dark force. It's everywhere. But unlike the known forces - it can only be INFERRED. There is no known particle that 'carries' this force. It is tantalizingly 'hidden'. BUT - it is acknowledged - FIND some way to liberate this force and, as day follows night, we will enjoy an abundance of energy - a freedom from natural constraint - that will be unequaled - in history.

Which is where our thesis kicks into the equation. What was proposed is that a magnetic dipole forms the basis of the magnetic field. That's it. Use that particle, and with a series of simple logical deductions, one can explain, not only the four known forces, but the very elements themselves. And it has the very real merit of conforming - PRECISELY - to what is observed. But the problems in such a simple solution are manifold. To begin with it IS a SIMPLE solution. It explains the 'field' that is is the overriding characteristic of a magnetic force. Such simplicity makes the earlier obfuscations of science somewhat absurd. THEN. It's easily understood. Such evident logic is likely to be understood by just about anyone - anywhere. No more exclusivity to be enjoyed by a handful of experts. Then - it's experimentally evident and exploitable. Such wide potential access to such a powerful source of energy - is likely to marginalise our energy monopolists. No more unfair exploitation of the masses. And finally. It's promulgated by a handful of accredited personalities led by one person who is ENTIRELY without credentials. Therefore there is no more need to expect hefty academic qualifications to understand everything about physics.

All of which is likely to be confrontational. And, indeed, it is. But we are moving ever onwards towards that '21 12 2012' thing. It's profoundly significant. I am reasonably satisfied that a significant proportion of our population, possibly as high as 20 percent - are aware of the significance of our galaxial alignment on that day in the very near future. Barely 360 days away now. The count down has begun. And, with as much modesty as I can pretend - I think that it is now imperative that we make the most profound paradigm shift that has ever been accomplished in our history. We needs must wrap our minds around the possibility that this thesis is correct. That way there is a chance that we can move out of the gridlocked relationship with mainstream science, that we can liberate science from it's exclusive expert comment - and that we move to a real understanding of the single force that underpins our physics.

Frankly I do not expect that holocaust - that catastrophic event. I think that historical moment is simply the mark of the birth of something significant. I also think that our challenge is not so much spiritual - but intellectual. It is my opinion that as we evolve intellectually - then our spiritual progress is the supplementary and inevitable consequence. And I am also of the opinion that it is in this, our intellectual reach - our understanding of that magnetic field - that will, finally, salvage us from the inequitable distributions of wealth that seems to dog our rather confrontational history - be it with Nature in our prodigal over use of her materials - or in our national and tribal confrontations to acquire access to ever more energy and the fruits of that energy. In short - it's the holy grail of science. I am very aware of how immodest is such a proposal. But if the logic stacks then there's the real possibility that the thesis may be correct. And there is ample experimental proof that the thesis is, indeed right. Regardless as to who claims the merit. Certainly it's NOT my discovery. That belongs to our Greats - and to the school that measured all that dark energy. We have simply proposed that much required particle. And we've now got ample experimental evidence of its existence.

Kindest regards,