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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

228 - apologies

Dear Reader,

Abject apologies. I've neglected this blog of mine for this last week. And I see that you're all still dipping in here. I'll try and do better.

To start with - I've been arguing with Poynty Point - who is, as you all know, my favourite troll. This, because unlike the most of them - he's relatively articulate. And he's exceedingly more adventurous than the most of them in 'inventing' new levels of misdirection. If you want a laugh - then here's the link. You see for yourself, I've been busy.

Click here. Not sure where it'll open in that thread. But scroll to the last pages and read it backwards. Not literally lol. But strangely appropriate that I say that. You'll see for yourselves. It's a kind of backward logic. Golly
(sorry - the previous link was wrong)

Now. I have just read an interesting post by Grumpy - the poison dwarf - on overunity research. I've tried to paste his post but for some reason it's not taking. In any event. Of interest is that he's seriously supposing that a gravitational field and magnetic field may be the same thing. Such excitement. It's the first time that I've ever seen anyone speculating on this solution other than myself. But - in retrospect - I believe Einstein also posed this. But he then threw that solution away.

Anyway, as promised. I will get back here FIRST in future. I tend to get heavily embroiled in those endless forum discussions. And as a rule they lead nowhere.

Kindest regards,