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Monday, January 23, 2012

231 - a summation in favour of open source - with some few caveats

Also for the record. But possibly a fairly significant comment

Guys, just as a quick synopsis of things.

There have been those personalities - such as Poynty Point who have gone to some considerable trouble to deny claims of over unity. I can't possibly cover them all. And nor can I talk with any authority about any of them other than our own claim. Our own experience is that they first established the credentials of the claimant. When they're satisfied that this is lacking - then they deny the intelligence of the claimant. When they've manged this then they attack the sanity of the claimant. And so it goes. In our case - it was rather more urgent - as they also had to attack the technology as we had measured proof. And lots of it. In which case it was REQUIRED that I be considerably more stupid and less competent and more lunatic - than average. But any idiosyncratic aptitudes or failings - of any of those claimants - have NOTHING to do with the issue.

You will notice how Poynty Point seldom addresses me directly, and when he does - it is with a kind of offensive imperiousness. That's designed to encourage all members and readers to share that disrespect. Which is why - for instance - that curious Chris felt free to parade his ill mannered, injudicious rejections of our claim with such little preparation and even less justification. Why Cloxxki feels free to publicly claim that not only am I a FRAUD but a LAZY FRAUD. What the professional 'nay sayers' - those leading the attack - depend on is that the sheer weight of their opinion - appropriate or otherwise - will CRUSH the claimant and with it claim. And therefore, the ONLY thing that they will not communicate - is any residual evidence of any kind of respect at all. Which is extraordinary. All that is ever attempted by any claimant - any experimentalist - any researcher - is that the issue under consideration - the science related to the claim - is also CONSIDERED and DISCUSSED. And THAT - most certainly - does NOT warrant the parade of slanderous and abusive criticism that follows in its wake.

My intention in claiming those prizes is simply based on our evidence that INDEED - we have a valid claim. Over Unity is alive and well. And denial of his is now positively obsolete. At it's least we have scheduled some anomalies that are not consistent with conventional prediction. That I have not claimed these prizes before is because, frankly, I'm not really that interested in actually getting hold of them. Nor are any of our collaborators. What we decided was to use our rights to claim this as an excuse to EXPOSE the fact that not only have those unity barriers been defeated - but THAT their denial of the fact is in line with their AGENDA and NOT with the evidence. Poynty's own SIMULATIONS PROVE OUR CLAIM. He therefore needs must re-invent the entire basis of electrical energy measurement - in order to deny this. And by forcing him to do any public evaluation at all - EXPOSES these rather absurd mathematical inventions. He is, most assuredly, depending on the combined ignorance of the members in standard measurement protocols. Else there would be a howl of protests at the absurdities he's expecting you all to endorse.

And my need to remind you that our claim is valid is precisely because there are many of you who are not aware of this fact. There is an assumption that the unity barrier is still up and functioning. It's not. It's dead and buried. I very much doubt that ours was the first evidence. It certainly wont be the last. But more to the point - our own technology - albeit having some nascent potentials at delivering higher energy - is already virtually archaic at its inception. With Rossi's breakthroughs - I KNOW that there will be many, many more. And it does not help to say that Rossi's invention is not OU - it's argued as LENR. LENR is, itself, not fully understood. Or fully explained. We're at the beginning. The door is hardly opened. And that's all a very good thing. But this progress is never going to 'take off' until those breaches are considered. Very, very carefully. Nothing to do with the claimant. Everything to do with the claim. Otherwise the perfectly excellent objectives of these forums - will be heavily compromised. And they'll simply fade into the background noise - in the face of the real developmental thrust that will be OFF forum. Which would be sad. Open source is something to be protected. And it has a potential dynamic to lead in this new science - rather than simply fade from view.

Which may or may not explain this detour in our own thread objectives. And hopefully - for once - I'll be able to expose that 'agenda' - be it financed or otherwise.

Kindest regards,