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Thursday, February 16, 2012

257 - the big guns

Dear Reader,

I have mentioned - on forum - that there's possibly an opportunity for a long term 'sell' of energy stocks - likely to happen in the near future. This as a consequence of the E-Cat technology. I, personally, am taking this very seriously and have earmarked a small investment for precisely this purpose.

Possibly a somewhat alarming statement to have been made public. I see now that our thread has contributions from a dedicated anti over unity enthusiast. Tinsel Koala. The prose is less than typically 'his style' and I think the the 'big boys' have been colluding and collaborating. I also think the object is to throw as much 'doubt' as they can manage on Rossi's results as they've done on my own. God knows what they'll do with the Greek arm of this that is already moving to compete with Rossi. Nor do I know what they'll do with all the experimental evidence that's springing up all over the place. I can always measure the degree of panic by the degree of resistance against any evidence. It's interesting - to put it mildly.

And, frankly, when one considers the facts, then I think we'll be looking at a frantic repricing of our oil suppliers simply to stay in business. To compete they'll have to reduce their costs by something in the order of 600%. Perhaps, at last, we'll be looking at the RARE historical event of a fall in the cost of production and an attendant fall in the cost of goods. I do hope so. But it's going to be rather chaotic unless our respective Governments put some kind of checks and balances into play.

At the risk of alarming you all even further. Consider this. It also seems that there's an easy transmutation of elements through this LENR. If so, we may be looking at a kind of latter day alchemy. I know that Sir Isaac Newton would have been engaged. His interests in this are legendary. And God alone knows what that will do to the price of metals.

All very intriguing. My best guess is that the thread related to Rossi will be locked in fairly short order. We'll see. In the event that it is locked - then we'll finally know the actual purpose of those forums. And it won't be for the promotion of over unity or clean energy. Then it will be seen as a ruse to dupe us poor enthusiasts to engage as a captive audience for their propagandising.

It's getting a little bit scarey.

Kindest regards,