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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

259 - 'and I'm on my knees... begging for the answer'

Dear Reader,

I'm just adding this link because I LOVE this song and the singer. And because it is just SO appropriate to my struggles at the moment. Here it is again. ENJOY.

Click here. It's a treat

I'm getting close to that 10th post number - where I try and do some kind of overview and - as yet - I see that the best I EVER seem to manage is a rather verbose excuse to avoid doing the work I need to do on 'gravity' and on the 'forces' as it relates to our thesis.

I've been in discussion with my collaborators. And there seems to be a general consensus. Mainstream already have the potential of a grand unifying theory - already fully developed - provided only that we can find something that exceeds light speeds. These were theorised to be the property of tachyons - hence the tachyonic field theory But it lacks evidence. No proof of any particle being able to exceed light speed. That is - until as recently as September 2011 when CERN sent some tachyons into orbit - where their passage was monitored in real time - as far away as Italy. Here's the question. Did they record this SIMULTANEOUSLY? Or did they see the evidence IN ADVANCE? LOL. Both options are theoretically possible. And. No-ones saying.

In any event, either way - we have experimental PROOF that light speed is NOT the final frontier.

To get back to the topic. I'm trying to find a register that is not offensive to the expert - nor that is obscure to our layman. And frankly, of the two - I'm only interested in advancing our layman's understanding. For personal reasons. But I certainly want it to publishable. Which means that I must see how to cater to our experts. LOL

Kindest regards,