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Monday, February 13, 2012

254 - off again - on again - home again - finnegan

Dear Reader,

I'm only going to post here again when I've completed our paper on gravity. I'll do a synopsis of the forum discussions when I've got the time. I also intend to post an open letter to challenge and for that prize. But right now I don't have the appetite.

Inevitably the thread was locked. The excuse being that our measurements were questionable. They're not. It's the one thing that is absolutely NOT at question. Harti, Stefan Hartman, also threw in some irrelevant comments about questions related to 'ground'. Also spurious. They're entirely covered in our paper.

There was no excuse to locking it. He was helping Poynty Point who otherwise would have had to evaluate the circuit as a claim for his prize. If Poynty had to cough up then Harti would have had to follow suit. And clearly, Poynty has not got the required competence to evaluate anything at all. As an example he claims that a battery can deliver a negative current flow and that current from a battery can flow through a MOSFET's gate and entirely bypass the source leg of that resistor. Both of which arguments are absurd. It's a profoundly elementary oversight. But it is, nonetheless the kind of assumption that can be made from just a superficial evaluation of the circuit. Frankly I didn't help the cause by posting over a previous post that included my own gross measurement's error. I should just have done some editing prior to posting it. I blame my poor eyesight. And possibly a poor aptitude for simple arithmetic. LOL.

Anyway - dear reader. I've got work to do. Frankly I was most anxious to wind that thread up. And it was taking way longer than I intended. So Harti did me a favour. I'll simply continue - as ever - in Rossi's thread. Much more effective. The only downside was that I didn't get the chance to publish that paper. Which - I think - was where the urgency crept into that sudden closure that Harti managed. There are no precedents - other to my own threads. They're repeatedly locked. All others can propose anything they like - including the existence of space craft, aliens, or even as unrelated as identity theft. But for some reason - our poor little claim is simply NOT TOLERATED. Interestingly too, it was generating an enormous readership - at roughly a 1000 hits a day. And that too - was not sitting comfortably with our trolls.

But I do not think that Harti is a troll. I sincerely believe that he's working for over unity. Eventually he may understand the subtleties of what we're pointing to. At the moment he has no clue. He pointed me to a video by John Bedini - showing a synopsis of the work that Bedini does. The joke of it is that our thesis is PRECISELY in line with Bedini's proposals and PRECISELY in line with Tesla's. So is our evidence. I keep telling them we've got nothing new. The only difference - is that we've found the EXPLANATION within our standard references. That 'radiant energy' that they keep referencing? Well. That's also what we're talking about.

And as for Poynty et al? They've won. Hands down. I knew this before I started out there. But I also KNOW that there are enough readers there who are now more alert to that agenda. Poynty will NEVER acknowledge over unity. And he will never relinquish his prize. And nor will Professor Steven E Jones. They're thick as thieves and discuss things behind closed doors. Rather conspiratorial - methinks. LOL

Anyway I must indeed 'press on'. I'll be back here in a little over a month. It'll take me to mid March - to finish that paper. I should have started it in January already. And I think I've been procrastinating because of the mountain that I've again got to climb. To get my poor little concepts into a form that is in any way understandable. But - once that's done then I'll be able to relax. The good news is that we have now been offered publication of those first two papers in a reviewed journal - unless Rossi publishes first. Which obviously would be our prize.

So. Cheers for now. And if any of you have access to the Good Lord - then say a prayer for us all - here in South Africa. We need all the help we can get.

Kindest regards,

by the way - here's the link to that locked thread.
click here - it'll take you the last pages - and scroll back if any of it holds your interest.

Also I'm always concerned that Harti's going to delete my threads. He's threatened this before. But as that is no longer a concern I'll not bother to post over those posts of mine.