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Thursday, June 14, 2012

general update

Dear Reader, I have been absent from this blog for a while now. For a variety of reasons. Just as a quick update on events... Harti locked my thread at - with good cause. It was flamed to death by the gratuitous contributions of some seriously slanderous posts by TinselKoala and Glen Lettenmaier - (FTC) - among others. It didn't stand a chance. Harti orchestrated the attack by allowing both Glen and MileHigh readmission to his forum - both previously banned. And they were given free reign to do their damnedest. Every protest I made to Stefan Hartman was ignored. Then TinselKoala started his own thread which was designed to continue that libel - with more force than before - but with the added advantage of TK's own efforts at replicating our own claims. It was an is the most seriously disgusting treatise in disinformation coupled with libel which is that extensive that we intend taking action. But all this takes time and forces ones attention on some less than inspiring activities that don't sit that well with the frame of mind that's required for all those tests that we need to continue doing. But there's been a serious interruption. We've been asked to forward our apparatus to a highly reputable laboratory in the United States. I'll let you know more in due course. This is exciting news indeed. I see it as an opportunity to further this over unity proof with those players that really know what they're doing and who are committed to supporting the evidence of these breaches in the interest of science. What a pleasure. I'll let you all know more, as time passes. Meanwhile, I've opened a forum for discussion of all aspects related to this new science. I'll post a link. I've found that this blog is a rather lonely exercise. I certainly prefer discussion. But I'll keep this blog of mine for those thoughts that are not easily explained in the context of a forum. Kindest regards and thank you all for your patience. Rosemary