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Thursday, November 11, 2010

the general theme


Dear readers

I have now been banned from two forums, and had threads locked or deleted or about to be deleted - at even more.  My my son, bless him, has opened this blog so that I can - finally - get a voice without facing the inevitable consequence of being banned.

It's crazy that all this should follow me.  I'm 62 years old, relatively unobtrusive - generally rather shy - very much your boring, middle of the road, middle class citizen.  And, while I'm capable of being brutally honest, if required, I have nothing innately confrontational in my nature.   I compromise where I can and do my bit to spread a little of that sweetness and light.  Yet it seems that I must be attacked with all the rigour and brutality of an insurgency campaign.

In any event - I also have a 'take' on physics - a thesis - that will probably turn physics upside down.  That's not meant as a boast, but more as an apology.  It's the simple truth.  For whatever reason - God alone knows - I seem to have been blessed, or it may be that I'm cursed - with an insight into physics that has  surprised me  as much as those who know me.  I was never schooled in any of the sciences.  But at the age of 50 I read the Dancing Wu Li Masters, by Zukov.  The first read left me reeling with questions.  The second read never quite answered them.  And repeated 'dips' into the book over the following months - compelled me to search for my own answers.  All those questions.  They eventually just burned themselves into my daily consciousness.  I was  and am obsessed.  Entirely and completely.  For at least these last dozen years or so.

That was the start of my 'love affair' with science, which grows daily.   Through these questions, through the use of a kind of 'dialectic', I was able to resolve the greatest question of all - the Holy Grail of science - 'WHAT IS ENERGY'?   It probably sounds awfully preposterous  but it's the fact.  And there is no other way to say it than as it is.  And since having seen this solution, this simplest of simple, this most elegant of patterns - I have been trying to share it.  It has become my entire compulsion.  Nor is it an idle boast - nor even an arbitrary reach into wild abstractions.  There's plenty of proof, and certainly not exclusively the result of our own research into this.  Energy itself is as plentiful as air, as the wind at our backs, as the soil beneath our feet.  And my mission - my overriding compulsion - is to try and share these insights with you all that  - together - we can learn better how to use this energy - to somehow make more gentle, our  heavy demands on Nature.  Certainly this energy is available,  in abundance.  And as certainly it is easy to access.  It's just that we're at  a stumbling, kindergarten stage.  We need to 'up the ante', grow the volume, and then the indications are that we will all be grid free.  And we are very nearly there. 

I hope to promote this understanding through this blog.  And what is even more important is that you share these insights as  your own understanding grows.  I do not have the whole picture.  But I do have the skeleton.  And I urgently need your active involvement.  Because without this, without a growing public understanding and awareness of this extraordinary force, then it will simply die in the process of being born.  I am hoping that this writing will be sufficient to inspire you all to do your bit - to act as a kind of midwife in the realisation of this energy field.  All that's needed is to get familiar with some very simple patterns.  And when you understand them - or even some part of them, then tell you friends - your children - your relatives.  Find those many of you that are groaning under the weight of utility bills - or those who are simply interested enough - and share and share and share.  Chat amongst yourselves.  Discover your own questions.  And just don't stop.

The reason this is so very much needed - this spreading of the word - so to speak, is because science has been APPROPRIATED.  I am not overstating this.  Science is that subject at school that the most of us, especially us girls, found boring.  Far more interesting was art, language, history - even biology.  For me personally, the chemistry lab was as exciting as porridge.  Just not worth the breath to make it cool.  As a result we all tend to leave all 'matters scientific' to  our experts.  And our experts, who indeed are engrossed in matters scientific - have also buried themselves in a welter of explanation that no longer makes any kind of reasonable sense.  This is the simple truth.  No scientist has the answers.  Not even Einstein.  And frankly I don't believe that they ever will.  It needs the intuitive female mind and possibly also those few men who share that more subtle intelligence - to actually understand these patterns.  That's my opinion, anyway.

Which brings me back to my opening complaint.  I have been banned from two discussion forums.  I have had three - or it may be four threads locked.  I have been hounded out of forums - my threads have been flamed - my good name has been maligned, my computer hacked, my peace mind upset.  I have been the brunt of jokes, have had whole threads dedicated to denying me, mocking me.  I have been harassed on Skype, hunted through the internet, defamed, diminished, derided, all.  And all this from my very first efforts at 'spreading the news'. 

Which begs the question why. Why all this aggression?  This evident animosity? Dear reader - it's the price of my presumption.  A Mrs Average should NOT be able to find those elusive unifying principles.  And she should certainly NOT be able to breach those energy barriers.  Which we do.  Indeed we do.  We're able to prove that there is this energy supply source that is entirely cost free.  It is something that has been somehow overlooked - certainly within the ambit of our scientific community.  And it challenges the very foundations of our scientific knowledge.  It is a source of energy that will liberate us from the burdensome weight of daily necessities to the liberal abundance of freedom from want.  I have no idea where this revolution will take us.  But certainly it will enable a far greater freedom of choice within each family.  If we do not depend on utility suppliers then nor are we  shackled to that grid - locked in a dependency that has become so very exploitable by some very large monopolists.  There's a wide, wide world out there.  And, at its least, our freedoms  to choose our localities will be become as wide and varied as the manifold geographies of our own Mother Earth.  And  who knows?  Maybe even beyond our Earth.

But I need to put much on record.  And I am going to assume that not one of you know the first thing about science.  That way - I hope to 'enlarge the net', so to speak, to include those of you who may share this story and it's progress, with me.  

Kindest regards

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