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Monday, November 15, 2010

thread lurkers and trolls


Dear Reader,

I have tried to do the follow up post for some days now but have been interrupted by yet more attacks - on   I think, for the time being that all is safe - this because I and Glen and I think, Harvey are now banned from posting there.  And the moderation at is more closely monitored and controlled.  So.  I don't feel that I'm likely to be subjected to the same level of attack there.  I have also asked a certain CLaNZeR of to keep a copy of that thread that is about to be deleted.  This is needed as there are multiple public disclosures of tests that we are about to do - that were intended to be put in the public domain.  With that thread deleted then there will be no due record which also means that those disclosures may very well be stolen.  I am concerned that the moderator at is rather depending on this.  Certainly the evidence is that he's cooperating with their intentions here.  I will, in any event and in future, try to keep some kind of update here even if it only helps to keep a perspective on things.

And since the overriding problem at the moment is related to the subject of forums - then perhaps it would be as well to give some small account of this.  For those who don't know about the forum - it's one of many facets which add to the miracle of the internet.  As these forums relate to science they allow the careful public disclosure and discussion of scientific experiment and related subjects - to be both progressed and open sourced.  And open source, in turn, puts that information squarely into the public domain.  This, in turn, means that any development or new developments related to those experiments or to those discussions cannot then be patented

It's the patent - patentable technology - that is something of an anathema for these forums.  With good reason.  Where they are also  related to energy usage and clean green, they show proof of a wide and active resistance movement to the concept of profiteering on new ideas.  The members and readers here are, as a rule, determined to confront those energy owners and monopolists who seem to have perpetuated the need for their utility and their energy supply services.  And this dependency is in the face of - not only the systematic destruction of our natural environment - but is promoted for the purposes of enriching vast conglomerates, small and self-serving sections of our global community.  And more to the point.  It seems that these same conglomerates, these excessively wealthy of wealthy people, a handful of personalities that together own more than half our global assets - are also funding a small band of detractors or dissenters who spend their lives working the forums.  These are our trolls.  And they're at it, at their grimy keyboards, surfing wherever it is that they sniff the odour and trail of 'something new' -   24/7.  The look and hunt and seek and then they systematically organise the 'kill' of any and every new and exploitable idea.  And they 'attack' the idea and the source of that idea - the thought and the thinker both,  so to speak - with a vim and vigour that is sustainable precisely because it is that well funded.

Dear reader.  Please disabuse yourselves of any thoughts that the 'conspiracy theories' are the result of a paranoid or an hysterical or a neurotic minority.  The conspiracy is with us - menacing the good health of our Mother Earth.  It is replete with the carcasses of those many new technologies that would otherwise be flourishing -  those technologies that would otherwise put paid to our concerns about global pollution or the scarcity of energy resources.  And if you want to identify these dissenters of the truth, these pall bearers of our best interests - these undertakers of such considerable self serving self interest - then just look to what they write on the forums.  I will, in due course, edit this essay to include a link to one such which may, indeed, give you some guidance.  For those who are that interested, it will be all the evidence required to show you their methods of propaganda and misinformation.  And for the more diligent amongst you - there is a study available here of their techniques that may well be worth analysing and recording - if only to warn others of their extraordinary talents in this regard.  Tollmanship is definitely an art in the making.  They exploit the weakness of experimentalists and the limited attention span of the forum readers - and then do more or less, precisely what they will in that hunt of theirs - that safari that spans the entire globe where they decimate clean green.

Kindest regards,

Here's the link to one such forum - but I am not sure how long the information will be there as the thread has been flamed and subsequently locked.  There is also record of the forum owner's intention to delete the entire thread and all that hard work.

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