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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

41 - mental blocks and bloch walls

Dear Reader,

This submission is to see if it's possible to get some semblance of sanity back into science. It seems that there are those who are now seriously proposing that the 'Bloch wall' is 'the door' to our aether energies. I wonder if all and sundry have not perhaps just taken leave of their senses together with their faculties of logic. If the 'Bloch wall' means anything at all - it is simply that point in a magnetic field where the charge of a magnetic field becomes neutral.

I'm afraid that there are certain assumptions required to explain what is meant here. The first assumption is that charge is determined by the direction in which a particle moves in relation to a magnetic field. Whether or not the field itself moves is not here considered. The field does, unquestionably have both a positive and negative condition or a - 'north and south pole' as it's commonly referred to. And - both poles or charges are locally divergent. And particles are seen to 'spin' predictably and consistently - in relation to that charge exposure.

When iron filings are exposed to a magnetic field they trace what is commonly referred to as Faraday's lines of force. Iron filings are not particles. They're atoms. Iron atoms are ferromagnetic which simply means that they can respond strongly to a magnetic field. They can reflect the condition of the magnetic field and trace the those lines of force in the field itself.

Now consider the lines of force as they appear from those iron traces. It appears that the north moves in one direction and the south moves in another direction. We are widely encouraged to believe experimental evidence. If we are to believe this evidence then there is a distinction between that north and south that is PROVEN by the 'pattern' of filings that are precisely determined and precisely at the 'equator' or midway point, so to speak. Here the filings 'break' that simple line that is traced above and below. Therefore it can be considered as a 'neutral' zone where the lines are neither positive nor negative. And we can rely on this evidence as those iron tracings defintely reflect the 'charge' condition of the magnetic field.

Therefore - as it relates to the 'field' one may conclude that the filings 'above the equator' so to speak - have moved in one direction in response to the field thereby representing one charge. And that below that 'equator' they have moved in an opposite direction thereby representing an opposite charge. And at the 'equator' they have simply not moved towards either extremity thereby indicating that there is this required 'neutral zone' that divides the field into its two charged conditions.

Now. Consider those lines of force. This means that the line of filings that is traced from the north is diametrically opposite to the line that is traced from the south. Therefore does the 'equator' - which is identified as that 'Bloch wall' - simply confirm that the field itself has two distinct and varying charges the north being geographically and locally and in terms of it's charge potential - distinct from the south. Therefore one may conclude that the North may be described as - for example - a charge that moves out and away from the body of the magnet. And the south, correspondingly moves in and towards the body of the magnet. One can call it a positive pole as opposed to a negative. Or an 'on and an off'. Or anything at all. It's irrelevant. They're different charges that are also apparent at different locations in the body of the magnet. And at the equator - which is mid way between both extremities - there is a substantially neutral condition consistent with that line where the field moves neither towards nor away. Without that distinction - without that 'neutral zone' to the magnetic field - there would be no apparent distinction between the two extremities of the magnet and their two varying charges.

I'm afraid the 'Bloch Wall' is just further obfuscation and I seriously suggest that we move towards 'demystifying' science. We've been drowning in ever increasing levels of mental muddles - that are doing our science no good at all. There is magic in the field. But it is not accessed through the Bloch wall. This wall is simply that area where the field is neither positive nor negative. It's neutral.