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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

42 - them thar paradigms - they's shiftin

Dear Reader,

I've been testing the waters and it seems that I need not have concerned myself. There is considerably more interest in this device technology than was evident some 10 years ago. It seems that our experts will, indeed, be prepared to evaluate that evidence. This is a great comfort. We must tidy up the test procedures and give a written record as required. Thereafter we'll send this out together with formal invitations and see if we can convene those demonstrations. It does seem that we may have to repeat those demos - possibly three such - to fit into everyone's required schedules. But there is substantial agreement to attend. And now it is up to us to ensure that there is a strong argument and equally strong evidence to justify that attendance. I'm more than ready for the challenge and welcome it. And I'm particularly pleased to see that, at least in South Africa, our experts still allow science to be led by experimental evidence. I am also entirely satisfied that if there is a flaw in the measurement protocols or in the evidence itself that this will be quickly identified - even prior to that demonstration. And then all that will be required is to prove the repeatability of the experiment at those demonstrations. That will, I hope, be enough to get an academic paper to review and, hopefully, publication in a reviewed journal. I think it is really important that these results be presented to as wide an academic audience as possible to be thoroughly evaluated.

Timewise - I am hoping to have those demonstrations held towards the end of February. That should give us the time needed to present a report on the results and firm up on the controls required for that demonstration. Such good news everyone. I'm feeling more than a little frightened at this reach. The more so as it's the culmination of some 12 years of effort. It's been a long delay - but I've learned much since those early days and - as in all things - timing is everything. I do feel it in my waters that the time is now right. And I'll post on progress and firm up on dates here on the blog.

This demo will not be for the general public. But one of our television stations has indicated that they may film the proceedings to make due record. Hopefully I'll be able to also include the involvement of a local newspaper. It seems that our science reporter at one of the papers is on record as saying that he will not be associated under any circumstances whatsoever. A Mr Yeld. He is not an expert in the field of engineering nor physics. But, for some reason, he considers himself better qualified than our own experts to determine this claim. And he has, with a characteristic flair for assumption, independantly and on behalf of his readers and without ever having seen the experiment - determined that it's all bogus. Golly. I'm only glad that neither science nor scientists rely on his opinion.

Kindest regards