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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

50 - things are hotting up nicely

Dear Reader,

Just a quick note. Tempus fugit and I've got a rather stringent schedule to follow this month which leaves me little time for updates.

Just to let you know - we've made another breakthrough to get the resistor temperature at 170 degrees centigrade - and some. And still at no cost of energy from the battery.

I have a lot of writing to do to get that report of mine finished. But the news is all good. I'll give more reports if we break through any more of those barriers. 170 degrees centigrade is probably at the maximum we can manage without inserting the element in water. I'm entirely confident that our MOSFETs will manage 300 degrees and would like to see if I can get there before our demo even if only for a brief moment.

The mosfets are running cool, by the way, at 170 degrees from the resistor. NO EVIDENT OR MEASURED DISCHARGE AT ALL FROM THE BATTERY SUPPLY. So. It's all good news.

Kindest regards,

Channel 1 shunt voltage
Channel 2 Battery voltage
Channel 3 Gate voltage