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Friday, February 11, 2011

51 - on a question of teachers - team players - and questions generally

Dear Reader

We are in the process of re-doing the heat profiling on our resistor/element. Tedious work but much required. I'll post the schedule when it's completed.

We have many new 'team players'. I"ll photograph them all later on today. Much thanks required all over the place. And with that much expertise - who will dare argue the results?

I'm a little concerned that our final objection will be along the following lines. 'I can't yet see the error. There is one. I don't have the time nor interest to try and find it.' I do hope not. I do hope - that for once, there will be an acknowledgement. Even if it's only to acknowledge an anomaly. I just pray that there will be enough residual questions after that demonstration - that they can be tabled and addressed. It so needs that well disciplined academic mind to get this subject onto a respectable work bench

I am so privileged to find real teachers. I think they're our angels in this world. A very rare and special gene. I think we owe just about everything of value to these great souls. One day I intend paying a full tribute. For now I think it would be preferred that I don't.

Regarding the 'resonance' - or 'noise' I think was Poynty's term. You really need to ask how it's possible that this can manage a path through the switch without any restrictions from the body diode or the FET itself. There's evidence here that defies classical explanation. I'll post a close up of that so called noise - hopefully later today. And it seems that the noise does all that's required to conserve the potential difference in that battery supply. To my way of thinking that 'noise' is proof that our current flow has two optional charges.

It's all happening and happening at pace. Great fun.

Kindest regards,

By the way - many thanks again to Coast to Coast. We've got a WONDEFUL little portable DSO to determine our waveforms across the shunt and the load resistor simultaneously. I'll post shots of that too.