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Monday, February 21, 2011

65 - some answers to some questions

Dear Reader,

This is just to asnwer some of those questions that have been put to me on forums.

Poynty - we did do a waveform directly across the load resistor - courtesy a very special little DSO. Here's the link. (Blog 54. I see I've incorrectly numbered two of them the same. In any event. You'll see which is which)

The waveforms across the shunt and the load are about 30 degrees out of phase. (sorry I edited this having written 70 degrees - incorrectly) But they follow the same general shape above and below zero. I am not sure of the significance of this but was assured that it was to be expected. My flashdrive was incompatible and I could not download the waveforms. But I hope to have that instrument for the 12th March demo.

TK - no aliasing whatsoever. And we've many downloads on the required 4 cycles. My only concern when we use so few samples is that the mean averages and that math trace become even more apparently advantageous. I prefer the more modest result from multiple waveforms. It seems to trend to a more conservative value that also matches the apparent energy dissipated at the load.

Also for Poynty. There's nothing wrong with our diodes - I assure you.

Many thanks to all those who have written in to show their support. It all helps. I confess to feeling more than a little nervous at the prospect of the demonstrations. But as someone else will be giving the demo then that fear is a partially abated.

Kindest regards,

ps. Also to mookie. I read your post with interest. Thank you for your efforts. Rather daunting to think that this could result in a lifetime of derision. But as I'm already so old - then I doubt that would be too long to endure. And I'm not concerned about the consequences to my reputation. I have none. But I would be very sorry if I dealt this science a harmful blow - ever. I doubt that I'd be able to survive that disappointment. I have been entirely seduced both by the logic and this general unfolding. It's been extraordinary. And in the wild hopes that this gets accredited as an anomaly - even then the tribute is hardly to my own efforts. It's very a much a joint endeavour shared by the hard work and hopes of thousands of us poor 'free energy addicts'. It's with some certainty to say that this energy is very much required.