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Monday, February 21, 2011

66 - yet more surprises

Dear Reader,

We are barely touching on the signifance of these effects. Since Friday I've found yet another waveform. A friend has taken downloads onto his flash drive today and I'll get my own download from this tomorrow. It's extraordinary. Something in the order of spikes at plus/minus 40 volts peak to peak measured across the shunt. Conservatively there's an estimated 80 to 100 amps in that really brief moment. And the battery voltage climbs dramatically.

Then. The flash drive left with it's owner. Another colleague of his came in to consider the simulation requirements. I had, by now, changed the frequency by another small adjustment to the duty cycle. The interval between those waveforms was reduced and the consequence was blow away. The resistor rocketed up to over 156 degrees. I turned off the system when it reached 168 degrees and climbing at speed. Still the values stayed negative. I'm hoping to duplicate that condition tomorrow and get the appropriate downloads. I'll let you know if this can be replicated. Ideally I need to video tape that event. But I'm not sure that I can manage the adjustments and the video taping. Perhaps I can get someone in to assist.

The real beauty of this new little number is that the mean average values still stay glued to those negative values.

I'm hoping that all this is repeatable. If not - it's not of too much consequence as our previous waveform is always there. That's more than enough for the demo. And all these other effects? Provided that our demo motivates enough interest - then I'm reasonably satisfied that it will all become apparent as this project is more carefully researched. Much needed. I have never expected that this energy is just so, so plentiful. But it relies on some careful tuning. I cannot see how this will ever be progressed without having broadband oscilloscopes. I foresee a big future in the market here.

Meanwhile - just to let you all know. I'm looking forward to that demo despite the scare that sits in the pit of my stomach and despite the sleepless nights. I've been largely reassured as the actual demo will be given by someone else. I'm reasonably satisfied I would not be equal to addressing a large group of people.

Kindest regards as ever