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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

69 - This is for MileHigh

Dear Reader,

I really need to say something about the propensity of some sad forum personalities to continually see the need to belittle or deride this technology.

The fact that their comments are so ill considered and the fact that they indulge in a level of criticism that is entirely inappropriate - is also my comfort. Clearly they have all forgotten that all new discoveries depend on that early derision. It goes something like this. First the idea is scoffed - then it's denied - then it's considered to be self-evident. Fortunately - there are those who are already at the 'self evident' stage of this development. The scoffers are way behind.

What is particularly sad is that this is certainly NOT a new discovery. It depends on those very Laws that have been forged by our Giants in physics. All I have done is suggested that these Laws are, indeed, universally applied. To add to this point is the fact that I would never have been able to progress any part of this had it not been for the impeccable standards of some academicians to apply themeselves to all that experimental evidence. It is an enduring comfort to still find evidence of that pristine level of intellectual integrity - largely missing from the egocentric clamour of the 'forum'. Would that they exercised some kind of professional constraint and then their denials would be so much more credible. As it is their criticisms are discounted, precisely because of their excess.

May I remind those noisy detractors. I have done no-one any harm. I have simply proposed a new perspective on a really old truth. Why is there this need then to mock the idea? There are ideas out there in the world of science that are promoted by experts that are far, far, stranger than anything that I have ever proposed. And if you do not want to be associated with that thinking or any eccentric thinking - then there is always the very real option of dismissing the idea. That's it. Just let it go and move on.

Kindest regards,