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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

70 - infinite co-efficient of performance

Dear Reader,

Lest anyone - especially MileHigh - missed this. Please note that the point at which these results move away from all classical prediction is when the mean average, the integral and the cycle mean averages of the shunt voltage shows a negative voltage. This is the moment when there is also clear evidence that the supply source is - at its least - conserving its charge. Proof is in the math trace that computes the product of the battery and shunt voltages.

Just to remind you. Here it is again. And given that this is 50 seconds worth of data - then it also appears that this is not an accidental result of some momentary aberration in the data capture. Again. Mainstream require that power comes only from the supply - in this case - from our batteries. How then can more energy be returned to that supply than was first delivered?

And Poynty - to answer your questions - our probe is unquestionably across the shunt. (added) B is connected to ground - and we have a short wire to enable the probe connection at the FET.

Kindest regards,