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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

107 - behind the facade of the forum

Dear Reader,

I've tried giving Stefan Hartman the benefit of the doubt as it relates to his interest in sincerely promoting research into over unity. That, after all, is the title of his forum. One assumes.

I have publicly invited him to come to South Africa and see the operation himself. I have assured him that in the event that our claims are not consistent with the fact then I'll refund him his air flight. I would then be in the happy position of introducing him to the team and allowing him carte blance to evaluate the circuit as required. This offer was rejected.

He has previously allowed posters to flame my threads. He is now allowing Poynt.99 to do this. Poynt's latest claim is that the functions generator is the source of the energy - entirely unsubstantiated and easily disproved. But it's the manner of his address that is particularly unacceptable. Offensively insulting and rude. And certainly in breach of the standards of posting required there. Were I to continue then I'd be endorsing that kind of communication. And that would hardly do me or this technology any good at all. It is interesting that Stefan allows this and rather endorses my concerns that Stefan even wants to let this technology be progressed.

I feel that there is actually NO real intention of advancing any genuine research into over unity on any of these forums. I think they're just meeting grounds where the members are hoodwinked into thinking that there's a sincere research into breaching those thermodynamic laws. I am now of the opinion that what these forums are actually doing is PREVENTING this research as their actual mandate.

I have not yet been banned. Unless I am I will post there as required - and, hopefully, on the progress of this experimental evidence to our experts. That's all that's now needed. I'll keep the technical discussion here because they can then be advanced without those endless interruptions.

My intention is to get this advanced - somehow - to our academic forums - or I'll die trying. But until then - I'm afraid that I am off those forums. I am now entirely satisfied that they are designed to prevent rather than progress any kind of genuine exploration into this subject.

If any posters are attempting to replicate I would earnestly advise you to keep your results off the forum. You will be actively discouraged - or mocked - or flamed. It's not worth the effort. And if anyone needs any guidance that I or the team may be able to give - then please email me.

My email is Please don't waste your time in adding comments to this blog. I can't always find them. And more often than not I forget to even look for them.

Kindest regards,