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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

106 - onwards and upwards - and aiming for the stratosphere

Sorry - all.

I lost my password - YET AGAIN - and have only JUST managed to get back in here. What an ordeal. I really need to get this password thing standardised.

In any event. I have, finally, got a clear path to follow. I've been contacting certain academics - hand picked - on a one on one basis. I'm hoping they'll be able to evaluate the measurement protocols and then witness a private demo and THEN - accredit results as anomalous. I think - or correctly speaking - I HOPE that this will then pave the way to some kind of wider acceptance. It's certainly a start. And, with luck - may be less onerous on their reputations - by virtue of being less public.

Anyway. It's now the intended 'methodology' for all this required disclosure. I have a couple accepted this but will only look in here in early May. And between now and then, hopefully, we'll manage to get a few more. Perhaps I should aim for 5. That's a modest handful. Always a nice number.

Wish me luck dear Reader. I am much in need of it.

Kindest regards,

BTW someone wants to know if I'm suffering from manic delusions resulting from bipolar disorders. Not sure what this disorder is. But when I find out I'll let you know. Golly. That's certainly a change from the usual claim that I'm just 'delusional'. It's rather sweet. I think someone's trying to find an explanation for the fact that I can bear up notwithstanding these endless disappointments. And, notwithstanding what must be the most brutal personal attack on the internet - that anyone has ever been subjected to. But I'll deal with all this later. It's all getting way off topic and its also all just way too boring.