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Monday, April 11, 2011

105 - just to enable some comments on the wrong post address

Dear Reader - I deleted this post and then saw some comments here. I can't enable them but will copy the one from MileHigh and answer it here.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "104 - more on the model":

High drama with a challenge to Stefan to go to South Africa to observe the experiments himself.

I've got news for you. Stefan is not nearly knowledgeable enough to look at your setup and your data and say if it is legit or not. Not by a long-shot. No kidding.

Here is a suggested plan:

1) Answer Humbugger's outstanding questions. You already know the answer to the question about the validity of your data when you move the probes. You have to face the implication; you don't even know if your data is valid because of the different readings when you moved the probes. The truth is you are back at Square One. With respect to some of the other questions, if you can't answer them then just admit that you can't answer them.

2) Make the simple current measurements using the low-pass filter which has been asked of you about 20 times now.

3) We still don't know if you have scoped the battery voltage across a SINGLE battery. The expectation is that it will show 12.6 volts DC with a small ripple. That would confirm that the TRUE nature of the voltage waveform for purposes of measuring the power input of the circuit would be pure DC with a slight ripple.

4) After the proper measurements are made as per Poynt and Humbugger' recommendations, then invite Stefan to South Africa if you still think that you have something. Again, there really is no point though like I say above because he simply is not knowledgeable enough.


1 - I will only ever enter into a dialogue with HUMBUGGER when he publicly retracts his multiple traducements against me and my good name.

2 - I will not filter anything. It will interfere with that required oscillation. I realise that's what you and Poynty et al - require. I'm not about to oblige you.

3 - the positioning of the batteries was to enable the probe to span the positive and negative terminals. I now realise that it's easy - albeit rather dangerous - to position the batteries that I can do this. WHY do you now require a 12 volt supply source? It seems absurdly irrelevant? Quite apart from which the scope probe will NEVER span an entire battery.

4 - I wonder if the actual lack of competence is your own MileHigh. And unlike Stefan you keep your identity secret. I also wonder at your willingness to maliciously damage and deny a qualified person acknowledgement of his skills. It seems - not only recklessly unprofessional of you - but reflects rather badly on your integrity. Quite apart from which one only needs to know how to measure electric energy. We're not into the complicated quantum reaches of averaging. It's a REALLY SIMPLE EXERCISE. Let me remind you. Power is here measured as vi dt. That's it. I should think one hardly needs the skills of a high school student with a passing knowledge of how to use a calculator.

IF Stefan takes up my offer then that will be a good thing.