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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

112 - when any further denial is not only absurd - its sad

Dear Reader,

There is the predictable and excessive DENIAL OF ALL - needless to say by MileHigh. He claims, rather repetitively and somewhat hysterically, that there's no significance to Romero's device. I've copied my post over from Here it is.

And guys, just to get back to that COP INFINITY number. Romerouk's device is able to keep going over extended periods without any further input of any energy at all. And while all is turning it's also driving a light load. In terms of classical physics the amount of energy that has been delivered must equal the amount of energy that is dissipated. Therefore by rights, the turning of the rotor and the lighting of the light must eventually grind to a halt and die out respectively. Clearly they do not. The actual Joules expended over a 5.5 hour experiment is calculable. As are the amount of Joules required to charge the caps equally so.

Let us assume that the device can run - uninterrupted - for say, - 1 hour. So take the product of the volts of the battery and the amperage of the energy injected into the cap. Then multiply it by the brief time it takes to charge the caps. Possibly 80 seconds at its outside most. That's the Joules value - and that's the power input into the system. So. Let's assume a 12 volt supply and a generous 4 amps current flow - vi. Then for the 'dt' part of that equation - add in that 80 seconds to charge the cap. That's 12 volts * 4 amps * 80 seconds = 3840 Joules. Now. All that's needed is to take the product of the wattage dissipated by the lights because that's got a known value. Then start multiplying. 60 seconds for 60 minutes for ..... what? 1 hour? 2 hours? 5 hours? Let's assume 20 watts dissipated as light. That's 20 * 60 * 60 * 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 ...... Now we're already at 360KW. So. 3840 Joules input for 360 000 watts output? That's most certainly COP INFINITY. And we haven't even factored in the energy required to turn the rotor.

There is no question that Romero's device is at COP INFINITY. I am amazed that anyone would find cause to dispute this. Correctly the question should be this. IF energy delivered by a supply is depleted anywhere at all in the circuit then how come this gadget is able to run beyond 80 seconds at best? MH. With the utmost respect - you're on a hiding to nowhere with your latest objections.

At its least - this evidence will need to be resolved outside the known paradigms related to the transfer of energy. And if anyone at all accuse me of being 'off topic' - I assure you I am NOT. It is very much on topic. It has everything to do with our own claim. And our own claim will not just 'go away'. Where our device is likely to be of value - is in the output of higher wattage values. At least until the rotor is able to drive a bigger load. Which I'm reasonably satisfied will be the next step.

What is evident in both tests is this. Current can be induced to flow continuously provided only that the circuit is able to maintain a state of imbalance that the potential difference across a circuit can be retained. All of which begs a revision of the actual properties of current flow.

Kindest as ever,

edited - revised input to conform to the first video evidence