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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

113 - strange happenings on the forums

Dear Reader,

RomeroUK is an avid forum contributor and active on the internet. As mentioned he claimed and showed a motor that perpetually spins. When I referred to his work in my thread his hits were negligible. Thereafter there was an explosion of interest and that interest then spread across all forums like a rash. But with the speed of a bush fire. All were captivated. And the forum owner, Stefan Hartman, rallied to protect both Romero and ALL that information. And he summarily banned the nay sayers and deleted their posts. In short, Romero was offered a degree of protection and a level of courtesy that I, personally, have never experienced. On the contrary.

Then. The news was still days old - the excitement growing - when he posted a short statement on the thread saying words to the effect that 'sorry - it was all fake - stop your replications'. And even then, amazingly - all APOLOGISE, if you don't mind, for bothering him in the first instance, for showing interest in his work. 'Sorry Romero - we were all too keen'.

Good heavens. Why would ANYONE make public - information that is simply designed to 'hoax' the public? I cannot get my head around this. Why spend real money on building anything at all - why waste time - if it simply doesn't work? Is it the result of a frustrated builder who WANTS it to work? WANTS some kind of overunity result notwithstanding his experimental failures? I suppose that's possible. Then the intention is simply to enjoy the attention that first motivated that build.

And by the same token it could have been the result of some kind of 'buy out' where Romero was withholding critical information that the device could still be patented. But it would have to be hidden information - or it most certainly is NOT patentable. And frankly he seemed to 'show all'. I can see nothing hidden. And I've looked and looked. But then my eyes are not the best. And if anyone could miss anything then I'm somewhat overqualified. lol In any event, unless there was still something 'hidden' from view - then there was no buyout.

That leaves the 'last but one', option. He had, apparently, disclosed his physical address. He's a young man. Is is possible that he was physically coerced - someone threatened him - or his family - to withdraw those claims? Notwithstanding - or precisely because of - the truth of those presentations, competing interests muscled in and reminded him of his will to live? Again. If this was the case and if, indeed, he was 'instructed' to trumpet that work as a 'fake' then that trumpet call is WAY TOO LATE. The cat's already out the bag. And it's running around the globe at pace and absolutely unstoppable. The details of that build are available to all. All can still replicate. So that threat would have no force and effect. One single denial is hardly likely to stop the interest in further builds. On the contrary. We know the compulsive interests of engineers when it comes to the building of motors. I would have thought that - if anything - a denial after this particular fact would generate more rather than less interest.

Which brings me to the final possibility. Could it be that Romero was somehow encouraged to build a working motor with the mandate to ultimately acknowledge the hoax - the mandate to eventually disclaim its effectiveness - simply to take the attention away from other competing and valid claims? Here there would, indeed, be some actual merit in all that hoopla. A reminder to the general public to IGNORE any claims that relate to overunity - ever. Another 'scar' on the face of Open Source? A way to discourage interest in this movement - this reach of ours?

Frankly this is what I suspect. I'll elaborate more fully hereafter.

Kidnest regards,