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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

122 - what gives?

Dear Reader,

I had to get my pc cleaned and one of my apples. That was hardly a week ago. Now it seems that they've both been hacked. But this time it's selective viewing. I can get into here - my blogspot - and just about anywhere I want to on the internet. But I can't get into any of the forums?

It's a sad truth that these claims of ours seem to need silencing. And that's not likely to happen unless or until I'm dead.

Meanwhile - more good news. I've had word of yet another successful simulation also showing a net gain to the supply source. Negative wattage values. Golly. That's a new event in science and will somehow have to be 'factored in'. Just needs some kind of acceptable description. Negative wattage doesn't cut it somehow.

In any event - here's the thing. Tell your friends, challenge your academics to try this on PSpice or any software that they've got going. The truth, as I keep saying, is that IF this can be simulated - if indeed it is possible to show that more energy can be returned to the supply than delivered - then we've cracked the evidence through the most readily available tool. We can get rid of our experimental apparatus and just start designing those MUCH NEEDED applications.

And this s for Tivon. Your latest ideas are simply breathtaking. I would love to learn more as you progress.

It's a very good thing.
Kindest regards,