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Saturday, July 30, 2011

133 - interim test results

Dear Reader,

I ran the tests on 5 batteries but was getting next to no heat albeit a steady rise in battery voltage - from 60.5 to 62.3. That test ran for 10 hours. I then added another battery - now 6 of them - and reduced the switch to its slowest - just to get the measure of what happens to the temperature over that long 'off' period which at this setting is almost 20 seconds. The test has been running - again from 8 o'clock last night until now. The battery climbed from 72.6 to where it is now at 74.2, over the last 8 hours or thereby. I'll down load waveforms later on. Right now I want to see if there's an upper limit to the level it will climb or if it's just getting back to it's 'kick off' or 'rest state' voltage. Heat dissipation is negligible at about 12 watts.

It seems I was wrong. I stated that there is no evident recharge from the oscillation in our paper. I should have done these tests before. Very interesting - in any event.

Kindest regards,