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Saturday, August 6, 2011

141 - why publication of the paper is needed

Dear Reader,

I had extensive discussions with one of the collaborators here. We now have a very clear indication as to what is required for the application of this to a motor. Somewhat atypical compared to other open source information on this. I have taken the trouble to advise a whole lot of electric car manufacturers about this potential. My concern now is that maybe they'll try to patent. In which case I really need to get this information out there.

The required modification to the circuit design is simply to replace the load (RL1) with an inductor and to place the motor on the source rail. That should cut it - but it may also need a diode across the inductor with the diode's anode at the anode of the battery supply. Hopefully this information will now prevent any attempts at zapping intellectual property rights here. I'll post a couple of circuits when my other computer is cleaned. Hopefully tomorrow or soon thereafter.

Kindest regards,

Here's the paper link again. Please study this carefully. It may prove to be significant. Who knows?

BTW - and apologies again for not mentioning it sooner. The batteries still running and now showing clear evidence of a small increase in voltage. It seems to be charging - which will be very, very interesting. But it's slow. But there's also a negligible wattage dissipated - so it needs to run for longer. Nor have we had confirmation of the funding needed to get this on online video. But when and if we do get it then we'll recharge all batteries and run controls in conjunction with these tests. That will, hopefully, make everything clearer. lol Quite exciting. I do hope our application is successful.