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Sunday, August 7, 2011

143 - still climbing - fractionally but unequivocally

Dear Reader,

RMS voltage up by a fraction - mean average up by a fraction - average up by a fraction - measured directly across the batteries - up by a fraction.

The voltage definitely seems to be moving north. Which is hugely comforting. There's no evidence of loss and some real evidence of gain. The thing is though that - if it were recharging in line with the measured recharge - then the batteries would be boiling by now. Therefore are the methods related to computing this wattage - somewhat off true. However. If one takes the measure of the power as delivered by the inductive/conductive materials and components on the circuit - then the measure of energy dissipated actually shows a loss as required in terms of Kirchhoff's rules. Which would also make those numbers appropriate. So. Hopefully this is proof that the energy is indeed sourced within the circuit material - as proposed.

I've taken the first stroll through the forums that I've taken in a long time. Nice to see that MileHigh's been given a voice again.

Kindest regards,