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Monday, August 8, 2011

144 - I'm stopping that test today

Dear Reader,

I'm stopping that test today. I've organised it that the batteries will be moved to the study rather than here in the cottage. This place is beginning to feel as if I'm living in a laboratory and it's getting me down.

And that will ready me for the test to be run with a control. I can then set it to a higher wattage output and run two tests concurrently. But I'm not doing that either until I've sorted out the filming of this. And for that I need to get some small funding - or at least the expertise to do the necessary.

There's no point in reporting on the battery performance here because downloading the screen shots won't cut it without the video. I get it that everyone is looking for proof. That long slow draw down test is a mind killer. It's just way too boring and uneventful. And low wattage output is of very little interest to anyone. I'm also a bit concerned that I've under valued the potential output of those batteries. Therefore at high wattage and looking at the performance of two banks of batteries run concurrently will be more to the point, and more dramatically interesting.

But for the record - the batteries have now run for 10 days CONTINUOUSLY - with absolutely ZERO discharge. To be precise there's been a net 1.04 volt average increase in the voltage over that entire period measured across all 6 batteries. Or - about - 0.176 volts each.

Kind regards,