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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

151 - marking time

Dear Reader,

I see that many of you keep coming back here to check if there's an update. It leaves me feeling guilty that I'm neglecting this blog. The fact of the matter is that I can do nothing significant at the moment except wait and see. We need to know if that paper is to be published - or re-written - or, indeed, if it is rejected. And I doubt that there's anything I can do to hurry the review process. My earnest hope is that the reviewers will - at least - try the simulation of the circuit. That would be an early and easy validation of the claims. But I have no idea what goes on there. And all we can really do is sit on hands.

I keep speculating on what will happen if it is published. I think the first thing will be a wide and wild denial of the fact. But that won't last. It's an easy test to put up and validate. And then, hopefully, our mainstream intellectuals will start looking at the questions that the circuit raises. Regardless of anything else the repeated evidence is that the measurements require an absolute conservation of battery charge. And that does not vibe with mainstream assumption. My hope is that they'll also see that nor does it conflict with conventional knowledge related to charge and to Inductive Laws. In fact, we modestly propose that the thesis may resolve some outstanding questions in physics. But those issues are way beyond my competence to determine. I can only propose what I think is the solution.

And then - dear Reader - we should be able to start some real work on applying this technology. Another hope is that it will revitalise those many - many experiments that are conducted on forums. I am reasonably satisfied that this can be applied to a motor to get precisely the same benefit. And with luck we may be in the happy position of testing this - fairly soon. What we have found is someone who is more than willing to get applications up and out there - regardless of publication. Which is a really good thing. I'll update you all - as and when I learn more.

But my overarching objective - as ever - is to get our brilliant academics onto this. Then there will be no stopping it. It is an enduring shame that 'free energy' has so many dreadful connotations. It is considered fraudulent or naively optimistic - at best. And its history is peppered with some outrageous attempts to capitalise on effects - when all that it should be doing is promoting a wide interest. Certainly until the measurements are more conclusive than has been advanced by Steorn et al. Hopefully our own experimental evidence does something to mitigate this lack.

Meanwhile - apart from the promotion of its understanding and on our own ideas related to potential applications - I'm taking a break. And what a pleasure. I've been painting. I'm doing some illustrations for my grandchildren. And I shall then write a small story for them. It's about the fairy who brings flowers to the world. I think - somewhere - somehow - it's analogous? lol.

Kindest regards,