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Saturday, September 3, 2011

152 - 32 days after submission

Dear Reader,

We submitted our paper on the 29th July - and still no word. Clearly the review process takes time.

I've been meeting more and more energy enthusiasts - which has been delightful. I had no idea that there were so many South Africans who are prepared to entertain some eccentric and non-classical thinking. I'm not sure that we'll be that much of a minority for that much longer. It seems to be a membership that's growing exponentially. Which is very nice indeed.

And what has been a real pleasure is to have removed myself from the dialogue offered by our forums. Looking back - it now seems that the forums are really NOT intended to advance free energy concepts. If that is their intention then they fail. Dismally. I realise now, rather belatedly, that there is nothing to replace the eye to eye contact with people to get a measure of their trustworthiness. Anything less than this and one runs the real risk of entering into relationships with outright rogues - which has been part and parcel of my own rather brutal exposure. Not that I'm complaining. I sincerely believe that I needed that exposure to discover the level of protection that this science requires. And God knows. I had to sharpen my wits to confront that onslaught.

Bottom line - my problem is that we're advancing free energy concepts that sit uncomfortably with both classicists and the wooly thinking of the more tolerant free energy enthusiasts. I think that everyone would have forgiven us our thinking if it weren't also that simple and self-evident. lol. Magnetism as the cause and not the effect of the electromagnetic interaction. It's as revolutionary in its own way as our world being the center of the universe. And the trouble then, with this line of thought - is that it does not, in fact, contradict known physics. Just a question of perspective.

Anyway - dear reader. I'm still sitting on hands - and waiting to hear if we'll get our paper into print. I'll certainly post the outcome here whether it's accepted or rejected. And meanwhile - hopefully - I'll continue to find those many supporters who - thus far - have not had a voice within mainstream. Surprisingly - that seems to be where they come from.

I've said this before. If any of you have a hotline to the Good Lord - then I think prayer may well go some way to securing our publication. It certainly needs something about it that's miraculous.

Kindest regards