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Thursday, October 20, 2011

160 - Golly Mookie!

Dear Reader,

Certain utterly unsubstantiated allegations have been made by a variety of 'trolls' or 'free energy traducers' against my good name. Slanderous indeed. lol This is my message to Mookie.

Here's the thing. It's fine to hide behind an avatar or an internet personality - and then, apparently, you can say more or less what you like. But the rule is this. Keep your identity ENTIRELY HIDDEN - LEST YOU BECOME ACCOUNTABLE FOR those ACTIONABLE STATEMENTS. I now know where you're from Mookie. And I know your name. And I even know where you work. No wonder you could bring influence to bear on that demonstration of ours where you persuaded a certain Professor to attend. No doubt his mandate was to disrupt proceedings. My personal regret is that I ever tried to persuade you to attend that public demonstration in the first instance. What was I thinking? Eskom are not likely to advance this knowledge.

Anyway. Justice is very patient. But that long reach of the law? That's irreversible.

And here's an explanation of all this for our readers. The only academic who attended that meeting was mandated by our friend MOOKIE. I don't think it's advisable to give a full transcript of his statements at the meeting here. Nor is it advisable to give a full disclosure of his expertise. But it is decidedly NOT electrical engineering. But what I am prepared to disclose is this. Eskom are in the process of concluding - alternatively - have concluded - some valuable contracts to expand their nuclear facilities. There would be no justification for this if this technology were to reach the light of day. The plot thickens. And for those readers who are not in our country. Eskom are our utility suppliers.

Kindest regards,