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Thursday, October 20, 2011

161 - them paradigms they's shift'n

Dear Reader,

What a pleasure. I see a small but perceptible movement towards a wider investigation into our claims - BY OUR LEARNED AND REVERED. I am feeling cautiously optimistic.

Not only that but it seems that there are also some rare members of our media that do not rely on 'popularity' to promote a story or not. WHAT A PLEASURE. Perhaps this academic and media boycott may yet disintegrate. It's been tough.

I'll keep you posted. The good news is this. Subject to that wide investigation into this claim, then our trolls - that have hounded my every step through the internet - will simply become utterly discredited overnight. Hopefully there may yet be some cursory investigation into who dominated and pioneered that attack - together with some much needed exposure as their motives. That's the part that defeats me. Why should this desirable technology elicit that poisonous and disproportionate attack? I just don't get it. God knows. It's not as if we've invented anything. It's all within mainstream science. Just a very, very small variation to the standard model. And what a difference it will make to our future and our hopes for some kind of solution to our energy concerns.

Then - hopefully - those clever academics and those much, much cleverer engineers - will take all this seriously and take it to where it needs must go. I'm looking forward to the time when this struggle of ours will be old news and the technology itself old hat - replaced by some excellent and inventive variations for those much needed applications. I'll be able to relax when these small contributions of ours are as obsolete as the dodo is to evolution. We've done nothing miraculous. It's all been required by physics. Just that it seems to depend on that much maligned zipon. Hopefully they'll find a more respectable name for it. It's that particle that 'zips' our atoms into infinitely variable coalesced matter. That's the real miracle.

Golly. I'm actually beginning to see daylight. It's been a dark place this - that I've been obliged to endure. But there's a light. Just a glimmer. But NOT imperceptible. (LOL. I had to edit this. A double negative always stronger than a simple positive. I'm getting way too old.)

Kindest regards,