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Monday, October 24, 2011


Dear Reader,

I'm more than a little exasperated. I've had one particular response to my circular - from an estimable and - I'm reasonably certain - otherwise kindly and approachable academic - that advises me that he is entirely indifferent to my 'fantastic theories'. WHAT - in God's Good name is that 'THEORY'? I have none.

Here are the facts. A changing electric field induces a magnetic field. And a changing magnetic field induces an electric field. But unlike an electric field a changing magnetic field DOES NOT NECESSARILY INDUCE AN ELECTRIC FIELD. You can get one permanent magnet interacting with another permanent magnet through space and in time - where there is NO MEASURABLE EVIDENCE OF AN ELECTRIC FIELD. NOTA BENE - This is a scientific fact. I have looked and looked and looked through as much scientific literature as I could access. There is absolutely NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE THAT THERE IS ANY ELECTRIC FIELD IN A MAGNET ON MAGNET INTERACTION. This is HUGE. If this is right then WHAT DOES THIS IMPLY?

Well. At it's least it suggests that a magnetic field MAY INDEED be a PRIMARY FORCE. If so, then WHAT COMPRISES A MAGNETIC FIELD? That's all I've proposed to ask - and, actually, attempted to answer. And when you start on that line of questioning - then the answers WILL COME. Fast and furious. But with them it also destablises that smug understanding of our classical and quantum theorists. Like Humpty Dumpty - but more so. No only will that smug shell 'shatter' but actually the whole wall will collapse. But that's a good thing. The more so as when you start putting that wall back up - its foundations may be more solid. All those inherent flaws in its structure will be eliminated.

It is an absolute truth that neither quantum nor classical physics can reconcile all the known paradoxes with which our theorists grapple. And this is because our astrophysicists have PROVED the existence of DARK MATTER from what is known of as a DARK FORCE. What I have presumed to suggest is that this force is actually in a magnetic field and that the field itself may comprise a particle. That's MODEST. I've left it out there for the thinking to be validated by those EXPERTS and we have offered nothing more than the PROOF which is in our experimental results. And an explanation which is simply a revival of Faraday's brilliant insights.

But Dear God. Don't give me that my theories are FANTASTICAL. If they are and as they're based on the standard model - then they are ONLY an extension of known theory. Then somewhat circuitously - you are criticising your own theories. Which is possibly a good thing. But I know that's not what was intended. My theories are absolutely NOT FANTASTICAL. NOR ARE THEY A THEORY. THEY'RE ONLY THE REQUIRED PROOF TO INDICATE THAT THE STANDARD MODEL IS FAR FROM BEING COMPLETE. And herein may lie the final link to COMPLETE THE STANDARD MODEL. No biggie. Just a proposal based on experimental evidence. That's got to count. SURELY? How many ways can that monkey see, say and hear NOTHING? That attitude should have been permanently defeated with the transition from our medieval mindset. It's inappropriate.

Kind regards,