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Monday, October 24, 2011

165 - the actual reply

Dear Reader,

I'll not post the letter from our esteemed Professor lest I breach his trust. But here's my response. I believe if may help clarify the situation.

Dear Professor,

Clearly you have mastered the art of the 'inoffensive' insult. lol. My ideas are NOT fantastic theories. Indeed they're not a theory at all. That would be absurd. I have no training. How in God's name could I promulgate a theory? All that I've pointed to is that the magnetic force possibly underlies the known forces. And I've explained it - I thought rather well - in that second paper that I forwarded to you.

You mention your fond memories of lengthy telephonic discussions. I wish I could recall them. I remember only your rather urgent requirement that I refer this 'problem' to your colleagues. Your opinion related to these 'ideas' may very well be correct. But you see this I trust. If, indeed, I am talking a lot of nonsense - then I and an awful lot of highly qualified engineers - including those at SASOL, BP, ABB RESEARCH, and many other - are also seeing that nonsense proven experimentally. Therein lies the puzzle. Why are those results co-operating with all that theoretical nonsense? I wish I could resolve this.

And if you indeed promote the use of 'models and visualization' as indicated on your profile - then may I ask this? Where exactly do I deviate from this practice that you otherwise commend? I would have thought - at it's least - that I have certainly managed this much. I am reasonably certain that you have not bothered to read those papers. When you do and when you can comment on them and not on your impression of them - then we'll definitely be on the same page.

Until then, unfortunately, I must conclude that you are denying the evidence of what you propose conflicts with the standard model. They do not conflict. And nor do the results - nor for that matter does the 'thesis' - deviate from the standard model.

Kind regards,