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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

168 - forward planning

Dear Reader,

I sort of feel guilty making two posts in the same day. lol. But I really need to mention this. I'm learning about more and more of you who are actually preparing for some catastrophic weather patterns as well as doing whatever's required to get off grid. It's so heartening. Progress - but exponential. It's amazing how these movements are happening outside the glare of the media and yet they're happening at pace.

The other good news is this. We're going to actively progress a battery operated steam generator. I think what's needed is ONLY an imbalanced voltage source to elicit the required resonance for this current flow. If we can prove that - then, theoretically, we don't even need fully charged batteries. My personal concern is that I can't get my batteries flat to test this. lol. I'll need to make a plan here. By 'flat' I mean that a 12 volt battery need only show 10 volts which is TECHNICALLY flat - but it would, nonetheless, show a potential difference. That's all that's needed.

I know of one experimenter who has put this onto LED's and started with a flat battery. I'll post more when I know for sure - but I understand that the battery has simply recharged. Also of interest is that the LED's stay lit notwithstanding that two way oscillation. That speaks volumes as it relates to the thesis - as this claims that the current has a 'charge' bias. We all know that an LED will NOT allow current flow in both directions. The question is whether this actually sustains that oscillation. If it's there - notwithstanding - then ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. It may indicate that current flow has a CHARGE. lol.

But kudos to those forward planners. We're only about two generations away from potential catastrophe. That's scarey. Hopefully those that take the trouble to build their 'arcs' may also survive the risks that our reckless energy consumption entertains.

Kindest regards