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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

167 - in defense of numbers

Dear Reader,

In science - measurement is EVERYTHING. Regardless of theory - regardless of prediction - the story of science is actually only the STORY OF MEASUREMENT.

Therein lies the truth. If anything is to get any credence at all - then it must be MEASURABLY EVIDENT. Now. Scientific protocols have also defined WHERE to measure - and HOW to measure. And that's been rooted in the bedrock of science and defined its progress. In other words - if it can't be measured - then it can't be true.

Regarding the measurement of our own claims - here's the thing. The measurements were taken appropriately with instruments that are well able to record the data and are also able to compute those traces - to a remarkable degree of accuracy. IF indeed - they're wrong - then we must throw away our measuring instruments and START AGAIN. And I don't think that's required.

And the simple fact is that the measurements SHOW that there is more energy being returned to the battery supply source than the battery ever delivered. And what we show - in well in excess of 300 screen downloads and in more than 200 individual tests - and with careful analysis of ALL those data samples - is that we have precisely this. In other words - the computation of wattage shows a negative wattage value delivered by the battery. That's definitively INFINITE CO-EFFICIENT OF PERFORMANCE.

What has transpired is that certain TROLLs have gone to some considerable efforts to DENY that evidence. I cannot comment on their motives. But I leave that to you all to assess.

You see this - I hope. There are multiple claims of overunity on the forums. But ours is the only one that has been subjected to rigorous analysis - as required by the most exacting measurement standards - AND YET THOSE RESULTS ARE DENIED by this small vociferous band of trolls. And it is no co-incidence - that it is ONLY our own evidence that solicits this unbridled and unfettered attack. All others are discussed and tolerated. It is the PROOF which we show in those EXACT MEASUREMENTS - that puts them on the defense. They will accept any claim provided ONLY that it does not result in conclusive proof. Which we have. No wonder they unleash those claws.

Kindest regards,