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Monday, November 14, 2011

185 - more on cold fusion

Dear Reader,

I've confronted our local editors with a letter alerting them to this science. What's doubly intriguing is that I spoke to one of them to discover that they were entirely unaware of this development. Not an embargo on the news but simply that they did not know.

In any event I've written the following - surprisingly restrained account - in the fond hopes that he can use any or all of it to report on this as required.


Focardi and Rossi are producing generators for sale that are capable of delivering Megawatts of energy – at a fraction of the cost of our grid suppliers. This remarkable technology is already in production and orders can be placed that may liberate heavy duty, industrial production from any dependency on grid supplies.

The technology is based on what is commonly referred to as ‘cold fusion’ or alternatively low energy nuclear reaction or LENR. Both terms are misnomers as there is no scientific evidence of the poisonous radioactive waste products, which would be evidence of a nuclear reaction. Indeed the principles behind this technology are as little understood as they were during the late 1980’s when Fleischmann and Pons first introduced this concept based on experimental evidence of tests conducted with heavy water and palladium. Those tests sparked a debate that raged through the scientific community resulting in an outright denial of the claim. Indeed the entire field of study was relegated to a pathological science, which, today, is more broadly and tolerantly referred to as alternative science. Surprisingly there are some overt supporters of this science from highly respected academicians including Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson.

What is significant is that cold fusion, or LENR produces an energy efficiency that is cheaper than nuclear energy, does not run the risk of runaway catastrophic heat production potentials that bedevil nuclear production and has no radioactive or, indeed, any toxic waste products. It can take water to ‘steam’ to power generators – or it can be applied directly to the mains water supply to heat for production purposes. And it is all done at a fraction of the cost of our grid suppliers whether they be fuelled by nuclear or fossil fuel.

It has long been the ‘Holy Grail’ of science to find this level of efficiency in the transfer of energy – and it has also been widely considered to be impossible. This technology therefore is revolutionary and will entirely negate our pollutant excesses in our rather prodigal use of conventional energy supplies.