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Monday, November 14, 2011

186 - the relevance of cold fusion

Dear Reader,

I need to explain this. Cold fusion was the term that was finally chosen to explain how experimental evidence could result in more energy being dissipated than delivered. This, as we all know - is the Holy Grail of science and has long been considered to be impossible.

Well. The truth is that there is no proof yet that cold fusion or the low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) is indeed based on a nuclear interaction of any sort at all. This because there's no evidence of radioactive waste which is a required attendant to the fusion of two atoms into any new elements at all. Nor is there evidence of the creation of a new element as the composite of fusion. Certainly NOT in the experimental results of either Fleischmann and Pons - nor in this e-cat technology.

It is my contention that this overunity result is a galvanic or chemical interaction and that allows for a breach in our thermodynamic laws. And all this, simply due to the fact that Nature, indeed, has ALWAYS allowed for over unity - notwithstanding the rather anxious denial of this by by our learned and revered. Which denial is also rather neurotically referenced by our conventional energy producers. One could almost suppose that they are promoting their own monopolisitic interests. Golly.

I have said this 'ad nauseum' and will tax your patience - to say it again. There is absolutely nothing here that defies Einstein's mass energy equivalence. If one assumes that the actual 'exchange' is taken place not from an interaction between atoms and atoms - but between a hidden material binding those atoms - then over unity results are not only possible - but required.

To which end I am again linking you to the appendix on our paper on this. Please read it carefully. It is all very simple and ALL WITHIN THE STANDARD MODEL. NOTHING NEW. It's just that it trivialises all those pretentious muttering on current flow relying on the flow of electrons. I'll give that link too.

I have also said this before. Also rather repetitiously. Bear with me. The fact is that we are only now beginning to touch on the full potential of this energy source. And it's going to launch us into the stratosphere of knowledge that has entirely eluded us to date. Which is all very encouraging.

Click here and then just read the appendix which refers to this.
Here's that link.

and if you've got the stomach for rant - then click here to read about mainstream confusions related to theory

Kindest regards,