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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a little known fable


Again, dear reader, I submit another account of the atttempted theft of knowledge that has been put in the public domain.  Like the previous exercise - it's submitted as a faithful account of my experience on the forum.

Once upon a time a rat pack boarded a ship that claimed to supply FREE FOOD FOR ALL - FOREVER.  The rats themselves were sceptical and talked amongst each other saying 'how so?' and 'could this be true?'.  To gain a full understanding of such an extraordinary truth they flattered the ship's captain saying that he was 'graciously bountiful' and 'remarkably beneficent' to make this a free gift available to deck hands, and passengers alike.  And 'could the captain please show them, the rat pack the art required to liberate this 'free food for all forever' technology?  The ship's captain relied on open source technology to ensure that prior knowledge of the art would not be violated.  He then took the rat pack through a step by step recipe and - in the fullness of time - the rat pack learned the 'trick' required for precisely this liberal liberation of so much natural bounty.  Whereupon the leader of the pack said  -  'This is entirely my invention.  Should any of you care to learn more then you must defer to me and refer to me and none other than me'.  He went further.  'And I alone will then take this knowledge from this ship to many ships.  And while I'm thus busily engaged, while I'm AT it, let me assure you - in which ever expedient way I wish it, I will fabricate lies and bend the truth that those many ships know that this ship's captain knows not whereof he speaks.'

Where upon the rats left the ship - thinking that they had now gnawed a hole in the bows of that ship that would make it sink.  In this they were ill advised.  In the immortal words of Conrad - 'who would have thought that there was so much float' left in that little ship?


The good ship BOUNTIFUL under the stewardship of CaptainYou’reOnYourOwn was left bobbing around on a cruel sea.  Water gushed in at a gaping hole where the Rat Pack had breached its bows.  The brave crew on board called out for assistance from other ships within hearing distance.  But all such calls were ignored.

In the fullness of time CaptainYou’reOnYourOwn was drenched by the waves that spilled over the bows of the ship.  Chilled to the quick the captain was no longer able to steer the good ship and the remaining crew appropriated the lifeboats and said their farewells to their former leader.  The good captain went down with the ship and the crew signed treaties with the ratpack that now had wrested possession of the secrets to the freefoodforever technology. 

That’s a lot of ‘f’s.


copyright registered and belonging to Captain You’reOnYourOwn  aka CaptainYOYO

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