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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

misinformation especially as it relates to the patent


Dear reader,

I apologise for this but must again make due record.  I was involved in the joint collaborative paper written by open source members as a record of the replication of a test that was achieved by Glen Lettenmaier.  I wrote the 5 major sections of that paper under the advisement and guidance of Donovan Martin - and allowed Harvey Gramm to do the sections related to the actual power analysis and the protocols applied.  In order to 'widen the representation' so to speak, I also appointed three other collaborators whose contributions were never to the paper but either to it's promotion or to advance the global representation of that work.  I won't bore you with the details as the consequent arguments have blazed through every thread that I have ever been associated with on those very public forums.  Suffice it to say that Harvey Gramm and Glen Lettenmaier claim that they are disassociating from this exercise because, in the first instance I altered that paper - and in the second instance I have a hidden and vested interest in the intellectual property associated with that invention.  Harvey also claims - very publicly - that I deliberately altered that work prior to submission.  All such statements are evidentially completely false.  But since the matter relating to the patent may yet be contended, apparently, then let this following statement be here for the record and for as long as I may live.

I have never registered any patent that I have applied for as the application was intended to put the intellectual knowledge in the public domain thereby rendering that technology unpatentable.  This technology is advanced to promote a careful use of electric and indeed all energy - that we can lighten the burden of pollution that has so besmirched our global footprints and brought imminent catastrophe in its wake.  I therefore absolve myself or any member of my family from ever enriching ourselves from royalties that may accrue to this knowledge as it is considered by us all to be a gross violation of the trust that is put on us to promote this knowledge in the first instance.  Any attempts to insinuate or claim or allege or deny this by Harvey Gramm or Glen Lettenmaier - is done to diminish both my objects and the value of this technology as they are trying to aver that the technology may yet be subject to a royalty claim. 

I am also obliged to systematically transfer my published work on Scribd to this blog.  This because I have heard from scribd as follows and it appears that my protection as a publisher is absolutely not extant.  I will, therefore, transfer that work over here and simply ask that - if you are already familiar with it that you simply skip the next few posts.  I will highlight those transferred documents that you can see them as copies.  Thereafter I will delete my subscription to Scribd as they have breached the agreement to publish as they had contracted.

Kind regards,

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