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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

more about the troll


Dear Reader, 
This is simply being copied over to ensure that there is record - lest this too be removed from Scribd.  It's a faithful account of some of my experience with a member of a forum.  It is my opinion that this gentleman, and I use the term in its broadest and loosest sense, is actually trained in psyops or has some considerable knowledge related to this.



Written for the sincere student in the art of trolling. 
I’ve been accused of being a troll.  Not that anyone could take it seriously.  But it’s an interesting proposition.  It got me thinking.  The troll is an ugly little subhuman who hides under bridges.  When the unsuspecting cross the bridge the troll jumps out and eats them.  So.  It’s used as a term for those who lurk through the internet forums looking for an unsuspecting innocent to make a careless remark. Or not.  The reason for the attack is never the issue.  But it’s usually where the Troll shows off his hunting skills.  He’s looking for his ‘daily bread’.  A bit of  breakfast.  Ego food.  Anyway.  He finds his target, jumps out from under cover and then  systematically ‘chews’ the poor bastard to death. The winner is always the troll.  Of course it is.  He’s the predator and he zaps his prey. Fortunately most forums know the troll and he’s got a limited ‘staying power’.  Needs to keep changing his ‘hunting ground’.  The usual consequence is that he’s banned – sooner or later. 

But what about the ‘SUPER TROLL’?  He’s the butterfly fresh and wet from his cocoon.  The miracle metamorphosed from an ugly little grub.   Here we come into a category where the troll has sloughed off his bad looks – his uniform.   He has learned to seem charming, friendly, courteous, all knowing,  Even - a man of God!  No longer a horned version of Mephistopheles – or even Jabba the Hut.  He looks and sounds normal.  Would NOT stand out in a crowd.  Would NOT loiter under bridges.  Now – IF I were such a person – then – WHY, WHERE, AND WHAT and – for that matter HOW would I troll?

To begin – lets look at the ‘why’ and the ‘where’.  Perhaps I’m paid by some cartel – maybe an oil producer – or even some Government agency.  I therefore spend my waking hours ‘lurking’ in forums to look for competitive and exploitable technologies - and I actually get PAID for this.  Really easy money.

But – by the same token – perhaps I’m simply a religious zealot.  All I want to do is make sure that  no ‘solution’ results to stop the march of chaos that’s been biblically prophesied.  That way my redemption is secured and paradise advanced.  And ‘blow’ the consequences.  If humans die by the billion – in that desirable cataclysmic end of time event?  Well.  They’ve asked for it.  They had it coming.  They were warned.

Or maybe I do this just ‘because’.  Just for the Hell of it.  I do not like to litter my path with ‘sweetness and light’.  I want darkness.  Lots of it.  I want alarm and despondency.  I want to take people to the gates of Hell and tell them – like Dante –  to ‘ABANDON HOPE’.  Perhaps I’m just naturally of that turn of mind that gets real pleasure from real pain.  Real joy from real sorrow.  Maybe I’m just a kind of contrary Dude - and proud of it.  It’s how I get my kicks. 

And maybe I’m all of the above.  But hey.  It’s a forum.  It’s tailored to the free expression of ideas and interests.  The members are usually ‘energy enthusiasts’ for goodness sake.  Which is a waste of time.  A waste of energy.  But.  There’s rich pickings in lateral thinking.  They’re absurdly dedicated to open source ALL knowledge which make all those pickings free gratis and for nothing.  Available for the taking.  And that same naïve nature that advances this knowledge?  Well.  It’s all just so, so easy.  One way or another.  There’s just not enough guile there.  No defence against this onward march of my will against theirs.  No ‘street smart’.   And I can do just about anything.  I can dine in – or out, or maybe even el fresco.  Or maybe a light finger supper – right here.  At my keyboard.  It’s always rich pickings. Breakfast, lunch and supper and as often as I like.  AND as much as I want.  After all – I’d be the SUPER TROLL. 

But it’s the HOW that clinches it.  Here’s where I can get really creative.  Unequalled among my peers.  Acknowledged mastermind of all HUNTING, SLEUTHING AND SUPER TROLLING.  I become the ‘blue print’.  The acme.  Others will try to follow in my path.  And they will fail.  The  troll of  trolls. So high.  So ‘up there’. Makes me giddy to think of it.

To start with I’d need to imply that I’m accredited.  Richly.  It doesn’t need to be the truth.  But what the hell.  If I string enough abstractions together in a single sentence it’ll confuse the hell out of them.  They’ll pretend to understand me.  Hell indeed.  I’d even pretend to understand myself.  I’ll teach.  They’ll listen.  And between the two of us?  Well.  It’s me laughing and it’s them … wriggling.   They’ll never own up that they have NO idea what I’m saying.  God forbid they ask me to explain this.  I’ll get huffy and point out that I’m not a teacher.  Or I am a teacher.  But they’re not that clever.  Obviously.   Duh?  Or maybe they can’t follow my particular brand of genius.  But I won’t say all this.  That would be clumsy.  I’ll only imply it.  Or I’ll waffle on about my early precocity.   Or my nobbing with the greats. Anything to advance my scurrilous pretension.  LOL.  It would be hysterically funny.  All that written nonsense and no-on daring to challenge it. 

Now.  What to do if, God forbid, someone is actually able to prove some kind of efficiency that is also measurable? AND it was predicted?  AND It’s based on a thesis?  AND there’s plenty of accreditation for those numbers.  AND  it’s grabbing attention.  Everywhere.  AND it’s getting replicated.  AND the apparatus is defined.  AND, and…and.  This situation would call for my absolute – absolute – troll genius.  But it would be a war that I’d win in small steps. 

To begin with I’d pretend to be friends with that heretic claimant.  Then I’d point out that I’m actually only friends with those that hold to my philosophy.  That way I may get an acolyte – a devotee.  For example, if I parade as a Bible Scholar – then I’d take time out to study the bible with him.  How’s that for a deception?  If I got bored with this I’d simply have to stop.  Half way.  But I’d certainly give it my best shot.  It would be REALLY neat way of asserting my superiority.  Religious converts are very malleable.  I may elbow in enough authority to tell the heretic to ‘abandon’ his quest for free energy.   CONVERT.  Be like me. 

Then.  If  this particular claimant – heretic – were also popular I’d need to kill off that popularity.   Now I’d need to use a wide variety of propaganda skills coupled with the weakness of those closest to that heretic.  That’s easy.  I’d use that little understood but well known tool.  CALUMNY.   Such a small word.  So widely under-used.  And yet so, SO powerful.  Here’s how it works.  It’s advanced through the art of ‘whispers’.  You’ll all know it once I’ve explained it.  I start by whispering something.  Quietly.  Something damaging.  Damning.  First off it’s not believed.  But then I say it again – louder.  If it’s denied –  outright?  Then I laugh.   That way no-one knows if I’m telling them something or they just think I’m joking.  But.  Here’s the thing.  That first whispered ‘something’?  It’s gold.  Very effective.  It plants a seed of doubt.

For instance.  I could tell them that the heretic is taping all calls for some nefarious purpose.  DON’T take calls from him.    On no account speak to him.  Put everything in writing.  Or perhaps I tell them that the heretic is INCAPABLE of making a discovery.  He’s too, too thick.  Too unschooled.  Too unreliable.  Or maybe I just warn them. ‘The heretic has got hidden patent rights.   He’s trying to get open source to advance applications and then he’s going to screw EVERYBODY for royalties.’  But then I also need to whisper that he’s a liar.  Not to be trusted.  Then as time goes by that seed of doubt will grow. Inevitably.  Now I can start getting positioned to move in for the kill.  The first stage is completed. 

Let’s now suppose that a replication is managed.  A full on How’s your Father – replication.  That’s a tough one.  But all is not lost.  The replicator will be proud.  Pride is usable.  So.   He’s proud of the replication.  And I feed that pride.  That’s easy.  I’d tell him that in my opinion he has not got a replication at all.  It’s a DISCOVERY.  I’ll refer to my early warning signals.  Those whispers.  I’d remind him and say ‘That heretic?  He definitely did NOT know what he was doing or saying in those early claims.  He can prove NOTHING.  Not even the accreditors are backing him.’  

You see what’s happened?  I’ve managed to convince someone that my ‘whispers’ are true.  Well founded.  Suddenly the early lie becomes a ‘preferred’ belief.  Widely held.   I’ve ‘flamed’ pride into full blown conceit and managed  – in a few easy steps - to change the course of history.  THAT, dear readers is the ‘ART OF CALUMNY’.  Never mind that early claims were in black and white and widely reported.  Never mind the obvious truth that IF there was any deliberate deception involved then those well known accreditors would have disassociated themselves from that claim.  Never mind that there is no patent – or that the motive of publishing privately or on the internet was purely ultruistic.  Never mind if the thesis is profound and advanced for purposes of furthering clean green.  None of that matters now.  This knowledge is now in the grips of a maverick – a loose cannon.  A proud replicator.  A replicator that wants MORE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.  And like all mavericks – its very likely to get the entire test results just  ‘blown’ out of the water.  This maverick wants full on GLORY.  Never to be associated with the actual inventor.  Must be fully acknowledged – every where.  No more reference to those early tests.

That’s always a good start to this kind of campaign.  And while I know that early accreditation took place as reported by that heretic  - I’ll just  pretend that I do not believe it.  So.  I continue.  I say ‘look.  Just look, if you please.  There goes that heretic imposing his thesis on your work.  The cheek of it.  The THEFT of it.  Don’t stand for this.  You the experimentalist are being duped  - and used – and little regarded.  Stand up and fight for your rights.  Do what it takes.  REMOVE your test data.  That will screw the heretic.  Run rampant through every forum where the experiment is being discussed – and flame his threads.  Get the heretic burned.  Get the threads locked.  Get her banned.’  (Did I say her?  I meant him)

And so I would INSPIRE that nascent conceit.  Get him to remove his OWN work.  Lost.  Forever.  On the internet and off the internet.  LOL.  Will definitely result in a COMPLETE burial of his own work.  His replication.  But hey.  It’ll definitely  put paid to that technology.  And.  As I see it.  They ALL have to make sacrifices.  The last thing I want is a credible test result announcing itself in page after page of data.  And about the killing off  the knowledge?  Well?  It isn’t me that removed it.  I just get the experimentalist to commit intellectual suicide.  LOL 

I’d go further.  I’d start a thread in opposition to that heretic.  I’d first pretend that it was for the advancement of scientific experiment.  Therefore is the heretic banned from this thread.  Then I’d only report on ‘failed’ experiments.   Or I’d give so little information that it would be hungry for more.  Or I’d lapse into some amazingly unscientific measurements that PROVED that there was no gain.  I’d hint that it was a DANGEROUS technology.  BEWARE.  Stay away.  Then I’d discuss any appropriate or inappropriate subject to take the emphasis away from the thread topic.  And then.  What the hell.  I’d hide that thread inside another thread.  That way I’d kill two birds with one stone.  I’d successfully hide my lack of interest in progressing the knowledge.  AND I’d have removed any reference of the experiment from the heretic’s name.  WOW.  That would be a marvel of subterfuge – IF I could manage it.

And a double scoop if I could keep reference to thread on every single page of the forum.  ALWAYS THERE.  Always a reminder of the heretics ‘failed’ efforts at promoting a successful technology.  It would be like looking at a tombstone buried deep inside an inaccessible graveyard.  And the inscription there? 

‘Herein lies the first measured proof of over unity – died in the year 2010.  Killed by my own skilful use of the art of calumny. RIP’ 

And the real joke?  The thing that has me rolling?  I’ll do all this in the name of TRUTH.  Such an abusable term.  Me.  A man of God – hereby alert you all – the dupable public – that all this is the TRUTH according to MY VIEWPOINT. 

And then again.  To make sure that the popularity of the heretic dies together with her, sorry I mean his technology – I’d sow the SEEDS OF DISSENTION.  I’d pit one and all against that heretic.  I’d emphasis his vanity in trying to get his model understood.  I might also take the trouble to alert all the players that the heretic is talking behind their backs.  Is trying to get rid of them, or maybe just some of them.  Again.  What can he do but deny this?  And now?  After all this?  All these whispers?   Who would believe him?

If he, the heretic,  DARED to advance knowledge – notwithstanding and if thereby he chose to publish that replicated experiment – then I need to employ other whispers.  He’s publishing this as his OWN work.  It’s exclusively my writing and he’s claiming HE did this?  PLAGIARISM GUYS.  LOOK OUT.  I’d insist that it’s my work and MAY NOT BE TOUCHED.  But I’ll fudge the results and ensure that it may ALSO not be published.  In fact I may even imply that it’s even my thesis.  Or better still – I’d go back to that claim that this experiment was never based on a thesis.  LOL  I’d need to remind them all that the thesis was IMPOSED on that experiment.  EVERYONE thinks they’ve got that elusive ‘unified principle’.  Bound to be competition. And God forbid that anyone actually pay attention to the thesis itself.  It would put paid to the need for clean green and, for that matter, my salary.  It would certainly dodge that early global cataclysmic bullet that I’m hoping will come.  That end of world catastrophe.  The LAST thing I need is for anyone to actually read that thesis.  It explains way, way too much.  And way too simply.  If they actually read it then maybe they’d know how easy it is to go without carbon based fuels.  God forbid.

If notwithstanding these attacks the technology WILL NOT GO AWAY?  Then I will simply advise all members through their PM’s or through their email addresses – that this heretic is not to be trusted.  I can string a whole lot of allegations together and chummy up to those members that none of them will actually investigate the matter.  They will be easily convinced.  Flattered that I share this information.  Happy to take on the mission of converting or burning that heretic.  They will do as I require.  Why?  Because I’m just so much more intelligent than them.  They will NEVER see through to my true motives.  I’m just way too charming. 

Dear reader.  By now you probably will have got the gist of it.  This talent of mine.  This genius.  THAT – dear reader - is an example of the skilful use of the art of calumny.  Enough mud and it WILL stick.  Just watch me.  And then look at the results.  So.  Again.  If I were that super troll designing the blue print for the SUPER KILL of clean green – then that’s how I’d deal with an extant proof of over unity.  It would be buried – in the internet.  Gold but well hidden.   Away from public view.  Forever lost for want of attention.  Diminished through the art of calumny.  What a pleasure.  And I never have to prove a single claim.  I just point at my sense of outrage and my parade of anger and indignation.  So simple.  A few well chosen remarks.  Some excessive use of flattery to feed an experimentalist’s vanity.  Some carefully chosen insinuations to breed dissention?  A bit of posturing.  And VOILA.  Victory.  Another ‘free energy’ device BITES THE DUST courtesy the careful application of the art of calumny.

FROM ME THE SUPER TROLL.  I think I’m done here.

But wait.  There’s still a problem.  What about those NEW IDEAS.  What, for instance could I do against the discovery, the careful and systematic unfolding of the properties of gravity.  That’s a really tough one.  Gravity is also gravely dangerous to my objects.  Once discovered then – horror of horrors  – no longer will claims be about over unity.  They’ll include perpetual motion.  The thing itself.  The final frontier.  The ultimate risk to me and my best interests.  That would DOMINATE my attention.  But again.  I’m equal to this.  Here’s what I would do.

CHAPTER 2 to follow.  LOL.

Dr Darkly Menacing Phd.  TSH

Copyright reserved.

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